Monday, April 13, 2020



This is a very rich chocolate mousse that will surely satisfy even the deepest craving for chocolate.  It is thick and firm and yet creamy in the mouth. Delicious!  A fancy dessert to serve after a special meal.

7 oz sugar-free chocolate chips, OR this one (210 mL)
  70% Lindt chocolate (sweeten to taste with latter)
1/4 cup boiling water (60 mL)
1/2 cup heavy cream (125 mL)
1 pasturized egg*
1/2 tsp vanilla extract (2 mL)

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In blender, blend chocolate chips and boiling water 30 seconds.  Scrape sides and blend another 15 seconds until the chocolate is melted.  Add heavy cream, egg and vanilla extract; blend until smooth.  Fill 4 pretty serving glasses.

Helpful Hint:  Instead of an egg you could use another 1/4 cup cream.  I would in that case use whipping cream instead of heavy cream everywhere.

Yield:  4 servings
1 serving
373.1 calories
4.3 g protein
25.7 g fat
0 g fiber
3.7 g net carbs 

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