Wednesday, May 15, 2019


The reason I came up with bake mixes is I really didn't have time to fiddle with each recipe - i.e. come up with something to replace the all-purpose flour each and every time.  I am sure most bloggers figure out a system over time, but varying the "flour" component each time in a recipe can lead to recipe fails and a waste of expensive ingredients. Maybe I am a bit lazy, but that's the story behind them. Give me a simple way to make recipes work typically first time around and I'm happy. With the gluten-free and low-carb bake mixes and even keto bake mixes, we have been blazing a new trail and with the newer bake mixes an even newer trail in the homemade bake mix department.  If you have quit baking for a while or you are going on holiday, no need to throw your bake mix away.  You can freeze or refrigerate the bake mixes for longer storage.  If you only have a little, freeze it anyway and use it at a later date. 

Here are some ideas for your leftover bake mixes:

1)  Breading eggplant, chicken, fish, seafood and even for making Swiss Steak.
2)  Filler for hamburgers, tuna or salmon patties, vegetable patties/fritters, meat loaves.
3)  Keep in the freezer and you can lump different bake mixes together
4)  If you have some leftover and you plan on doing more baking, simply make up a new batch and use up the leftover bake mix first.
5)  To lower the carbs in the bake mix "breading", I usually add Parmesan cheese (the jarred kind) and seasonings.
6)  It can be used to make my special "breadcrumb" topping for casseroles - mixed with grated cheese and melted butter and baked in pie dish at 375 or 350 deg. F. until golden in color.  Break up and sprinkle over casserole.
7)  You can make an English muffin in the microwave oven
8)  Make jiffy muffins, cakes, cookies in the microwave oven with small amounts of bake mix - use either a ramekin or mug.

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