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Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi Friends,

I'm happy to finally announce that I've been indexing our Facebook posts all in one place on my blog.  If you look at the right hand side of my blog you will see categories and in those categories, the Facebook entries are mentioned first and my Blog entries follow below.  Read more at:

Enjoy!  I'm still not quite caught up yet, but getting there and it will be an ongoing service.  I hope my hard work is appreciated.  My blog has been swallowed up a bit, but I am not that hung up on a blog that revolves around me.  I am more interested in the service I am providing and making life more enjoyable for our low-carbing friends and hopefully creating an interest and excitement for our fabulous Low-Carbing Among Friends' Series of cookbooks, written by a team of incredibly talented people in our Low-Carb Community.

Hope you enjoy!