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Friday, May 6, 2011

Banana Cream Pie (GF)

This pie is so reminiscent of real banana cream pie – comfort food for sure!  I used to love Banana Cream Pie but it is usually so carby.  This one is so good and you won't miss the old kind at all.  I've always got a big crate of bananas on the floor in the laundry room - went up from $4 to $7 recently (what doesn't go up?).  Naah, really it's not for me (okay I do have one here and there sometimes) - it's for the tropical birds that visit each day.  They are voracious banana eaters.  I put baskets up underneath the eaves (to outwit the squirrels), but one clever little squirrel has figured out how to get onto the roof and then he squiggles his little body around the roof edge and jumps into the basket.  Amazes me!  Everything eats bananas here, including Jesus lizards (they walk on water hence their name), Titi monkeys, bunnies, dogs, olingos, and some other funny little critters, and Robins (yes, Robins! Ours are ugly-ish - completely clay-colored like mud and they are such bullies with the other birds).  I make oat muffins (regular) for my sons quite often as the bananas ripen too fast sometimes.  I also freeze lots (slice 'em first).  By the way frozen slices of banana are very yummy and at 1 gram per slice, not too bad.  It takes longer to enjoy a frozen piece.  :)  I killed my first snake yesterday - a Fer de Lance.  It is very poisonous around here.  It was swallowing a frog.  I hit it with a big stick and the frog came flying out!  Unfortunately, in my haste the frog suffered the same fate.  :(  I felt bad for the poor frog.  Then later something else ate it.  Sigh.  Poor little frog!

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Variation:  Lemon Banana Cream Pie:  Omit whipping cream and use lemon juice instead. (6.4 g carbs)