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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being a Low-Carber is not easy!

I've been so sick with the flu'. Apparently, we have the Swine flu' here in South America (government has kept it quiet), 55,000 people were hospitalized and several people died. Just when I thought after 2 weeks that things could not get any worse, my coughing fits resulted in a pulled muscle in my lower back. How can that happen? Don't ask me! Anyway, miserable, miserable flu. My husband and son were even worse than me. They had to use asthma medication, steroids and antibiotics. As a result, blogging has not been my priority of late.

Anyway, to get back on topic, being a low-carber in a high-carb world is never easy. Temptation is everywhere, but it is especially difficult to resist temptation at other people's houses - at a party, for instance. Sometimes one is fortunate and it is something like a barbecue. Take a salad and a low-carb sugar free dessert and you know you won't go hungry or look funny.

I was invited to a birthday party last night and there was nothing to eat - high carb tortillas and pizza followed by cake and trifle. Even the beer was the high carb variety. There was diet coke and that's about it! So, lovely party - great-tasting food (I won't tell a lie) - as I decided to indulge in a moderate fashion (i.e. my portions were small) after my first few sips of beer. Some of you may be shocked and have thought of me as a purist, but heck, I'm as human as the next person.

Still, I am a low-carber until I die and that mindset never leaves me. It is the way that I choose to eat because I'm convinced we don't need the white flour and sugar in our diets. Besides that my Hashimoto's thyroiditis puts me at risk for diabetes; low-carbing makes sense for me. My CRP levels are always somewhat high in the medium risk category thanks, I think, to having the autoimmune disease. My husband's CRP levels are substantially lower, even although he indulges in high carb foods much more often than I do and has more weight on him. I don't need to increase that inflammation in my body with high-carb junk foods on a regular basis.

So, as soon as possible I get back on track and stick with my moderate low-carb diet. I usually stay under 60 grams a day, sometimes much less, sometimes a little more than 60 grams. However, that is low-carb compared to the 300 grams or more of carbohydrate that the average American or Canadian person consumes. The average individual in the States consumes about 170 lbs of sugar a year (children get fully half their calories from sugar). My family consumes a negligible amount in comparison.

However, I'm sitting here feeling sore, coughing and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Being a low-carber in a high-carb world is not easy. Those of us who stick with it as a WOE are the ones who have chosen this lifestyle not simply for weight loss, but also for health reasons. Good for us!!