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Monday, April 12, 2010

Kids That Distrust Or Hate Low-Carbing - Don't Give Up!

<-----"NOT for me, Mom!!"

Truth be known, kids watch us adults all the time. They are more inclined to watch our actions than just listen to us talk. For years now, I've had low-carb Philistines in my household. Ours sons, Daniel and Jonathan, are now 26 and 23 years old respectively. When I switched from my low-fat Splenda dessert cookbooks to writing for the low-carb community, I think my youngest son, Jonathan, mourned the most. They were both very suspicious of low-carbing and it took a long time for them to accept my low-carb baking and desserts. Eventually I received high praise quite often that many of the products were up there or even better than the original, however, their basic prejudice remained and they mostly continued to eat higher carb than my husband and I. I often made two different meals at a time. I didn't want to force our way of eating on them, however, I talked up a storm through the years and lived the low-carb lifestyle before them - and guess what?! Jonathan is now 23 years old on May 1st and about 2 months ago, he started low-carbing. Yep, he doesn't even touch bread. This is a young man that does not have ounce of extra weight on him. He is very lean like an athlete. At first I was concerned that he might drop weight when he seriously can't afford that. It doesn't appear to be happening. Then my next concern was how do I fill him up? You have to see these young men eat. They exercise so much and before it was easy to fill them, but now I have to get very creative or our food bill will be horrendous! Jonathan was devouring tremendous amounts of protein and I had to advise him that low-carbing is not just all about protein. Now he is balancing his diet much better by incorporating more veggies, salads and fruits, eggs, good fats and occasional low-carb desserts that I make. He does have occasional breaks when he goes out with friends to a party. He also has some beer.

Jonathan made me laugh the other day when my husband walked in with a couple of Jon's favorite white French loaves (he used to love making impressive meat and veggie subs). Jonathan looked at them and said, "I'm not eating that carbage!" I couldn't believe my ears! After watching the guys eat those kinds of things for at least the last four years, this was music to my ears.

The Moral of the Story? Don't give up with your youngsters. Live out your low-carb lifestyle before them and they may one day of their own accord adopt a healthier way of eating by dropping the white carbage. I believe if I had forced Jonathan to eat low-carb, then as soon as he was old enough, he would probably have rebelled and done the opposite anyway and maybe to excess due to his perceived deprivation.