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Saturday, January 10, 2009



If you don’t already know the name Judy Barnes Baker; you soon will. You see, Judy is about to make history. Judy has been asked to write a low-carb cookbook for a very large organization, the name of which I am not able to divulge at this point in time. Judy’s first book “Carb Wars, Sugar is the New Fat” so impressed the higher ups in the organization that she was given a contract to write another cookbook, this time a low-carb menu-oriented cookbook.

I will say more about Carb Wars in a moment, but I also want to mention that Judy has a wonderful blog. I spent a lovely hour reading different posts. She is not only an accomplished cookbook author, but she also has the ability to write in an interesting fashion. She loves to share places they visit with her readers and the cuisine (not always low-carb - tell me how many places serve totally low-carb fare anyway?) which she has enjoyed, however, the recipes she mimics and shares with her readers are definitely low-carb. Judy has a real gift. She knows food and her knowledge and research is all in her cookbook and on her blog. She is a very interesting person. She is also very nice. She graciously said she could learn some things from me and that she wished she had known about my books sooner. Well, I could say the same about her! Judy actually found my blog and mentioned it on her blog (wow, what a nice thing to do) and that is how I met her via the internet.

Please add Judy’s blog to your favorites to visit. She does a great job and shares some really neat adventures, great food and informative health articles. One I find of particular interest is her perspective on some of the sweeteners available on the market and some of the “healthier” alternatives. Her perspective on Splenda pretty much mirrors my own and she convincingly debunks the myth of chlorine in Splenda being harmful. We, as a family, have consumed more Splenda than most anyone on planet earth over the last 17 years. I think we’d be in major trouble health-wise if all my desserts that I developed and tested were made using sugar and white flour. My boys grew up on Splenda and they are both slender. The youngest has the body fat percentage of an athlete and he is not an athlete, but a budding author, who is relatively sedentary. He loves computers as does his brother, who is 3 inches taller at 6 foot, and who is a software programmer working on his own entrepreneurial pursuit – a Star Wars-type game. Judy's article is at this link - look for Sweeteners Update.

Judy has had a long struggle with fibromyalgia. She writes about it on her blog and about a new hopeful protocol. Summer Adventures (and about fibromyalgia) There are several links on her blog to do with this subject and soon there will be an update about the protocol.

Judy is very creative and her book is so beautiful to look at, to handle and to read and to use. It is large and chock-full of information, some of which is new to me. Some of her innovative substitutions for old favorites amaze me. It all sounds absolutely delicious! If you don’t already have her book, I would highly recommend you order one ASAP to add to your low-carb cookbook collection. I made her paper thin crepes (wonderful) and chocolate fudge (sweet perfection) and plan on making a whole bunch of different recipes and trying them out on my company. I have pieces of paper sticking out of the cookbook everywhere. I was thrilled to find a recipe for Chimichurri Sauce served with grilled steak. Where I live it is a popular sauce/condiment, although I didn’t have a recipe until now. I can choose several amazing veggie dishes to pair with this dinner, one amongst dozens of great main meals. I have to be honest. I have never eaten some of these vegetables. She has me curious. For dessert, I could choose so many amazing desserts. It is difficult to decide – hmmm how about Pecan Pie, Flourless, Sugarless Chocolate Torte, Deep Dish Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Fudge Pie (I’m in heaven, I think, just reading these names and they are but a few of the desserts). Or, how about Apple Strudel, Chocolate Strudel, Berry Custard Cake or Orange Almond Torte? She has a section for things that go “Crunch!”, a candy section (until now, I thought I was the only author who had that in every book. ), soups, salads, a yeast bread, tortillas, crackers, low-carb flour replacement, hot cereal, popovers, cream puffs, yorkshire pudding, substitutes for fries and mashed potatoes (besides and including cauliflower), pan gravy, all the main meals one could want, condiments, jams, candied fruits such as cherries, cranberries and watermelon rind and, literally, you name it, and it is probably in this comprehensive and well thought out book. Judy, who is an accomplished artist as well, said somewhere on her blog, I think, that her cookbook is the most creative thing she has ever done. It truly is wonderfully creative! Congratulations, Judy! All the best with your new book! I, for one, cannot wait to add it to my low-carb cookbook collection.