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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Intermittent Fasting - Awesome Article by Dr. Briffa and more

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Dr. Briffa's article in the Times in the UK.  Very informative and very interesting!

Scientific research has proven that intermittent fasting increases the activity of fat burning enzymes.  Research has also shown that when one does intermittent fasting, one does not end up in starvation mode and one keeps more muscle and one looks more toned - the metabolism will run fast and one's body will lose fat.  This is the only way my husband can lose weight!

Here is a forum at 3 Fat Chicks that will help you see that it works for a lot of people - no counting carbs or calories, but combining this with moderate low-carbing is much healthier than going the high carb route - obviously - as, for those of us with metabolic problems, that would be dangerous and would eventually lead to eating that way all the time and weight gain or regain.

Starve cancer cells and kill 'em:  another great article and an eye-opener.  Therefore, I'd say intermittent fasting is not a bad idea for most of us to employ at least a couple of times a week if possible.  The easiest is just to have a small window on those days where one eats - like 6 hours and the rest of the time nothing but tea or coffee and water.


Lizzy said...

How interesting...thanks for sharing. I would fail miserably trying to fast, but it looks like it's a good system for some.

Jennifer said...

It works wonderfully for those who need to lose weight or have difficulty maintaining weight that they have lost.

You are naturally skinny and very blessed that way.

fr jim said...

something we've been doing in the catholic faith community, let's see, since Jesus came out of the desert...... fasting, who knew?

Jennifer said...

Yes, fasting is great for religious reasons, but folks doing that aren't focusing on losing weight, however, they probably will. :)

This type of fasting is a little different - most people still eat every day during a window of a few hours and sometimes it's only done 2 or 3 times a week.