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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sugary Soda Tax - Will it help reduce consumption?

Here is the article.  I sure hope it helps because drinking sugary drinks adds so many extra calories to one's daily intake, plus, of course, constant insulin surges - very fattening!

First, the facts: Americans drank 13.8 billion gallons of soda, punch, sports drinks, sweet tea and other high-calorie, nutrient-free beverages in 2009, according to industry data. That works out to about 70,000 calories per person. The sugar in all this “liquid candy,” as it is often called, is considered to be a major contributing factor to the obesitycrisis, which in turn has fueled the rise of Type 2 diabetes and other diseases.


Cathie in UT said...

I very much agree that there is way too much drinking of sweetened drinks but what a bout juice and juice drinks?
They might have a small amount of vitamins but way too much sugar in the form of fructose.
But most of all I have a problem with a nanny govt deciding what should be eaten because THEY think it is bad for your health. This would appeal to many but what about the next step to tax fatty meats because THEY say it causes heart disease?
Just my thoughts

Jennifer said...

Very good points you make, Cathie. It makes one think. That could be a big problem for us low-carbers.