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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I think you will agree that this recipe is delicious!  You won’t miss the rice!  They make great little snacks too.  Yum!  I just had one. 

Haha - hubby said, "That is an awful photo - what were you thinking?  Should have photographed it in the dish that came out of the oven.  Those are not cookies!"   So not one of my best attempts here.  Truth be told it was night time and DH was hungry, so I didn't interrupt him for photos.  I took these photos the next morning. 

2 lb lean ground beef or pork (0.9 kg)
1/2  cup Gluten-Free Bake Mix, (125 mL)
2 tbsp dehyrdated chopped onion, (30 mL)
  OR some finely chopped fresh onion
2 eggs
11/2  tsp salt (7 mL)
1/2  tsp black pepper (2 mL)
1/4  tsp garlic powder (1 mL)
14 large cabbage leaves
Tomato-Chili Sauce:
14 oz can tomato sauce (284 mL)
3/4  cup water (175 mL)
51/2  fl oz can tomato paste (156 mL)
2 tbsp SPLENDA® Granular (30 mL)
1 tsp dried basil (5 mL)
1/2  tsp chili powder (2 mL)
1/4  tsp salt (1 mL)

In large bowl, combine ground beef, Gluten-Free Bake Mix, page___, dehydrated onion, OR fresh onion,  eggs, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

In large electric frying pan or large pot, with hot water, place 3 cabbage leaves at a time.  Cover and allow to soften at least one minute.  Remove to clean dinner plate.  On another clean dinner plate, place one large cabbage leaf.  Cut harder, stalky end off.  Form some of meat mixture into small roll to fit cabbage leaf, fold in sides and roll up to form bundles; secure with wooden toothpicks as necessary.  Place cabbage roll in 9 x 13-inch (23 x 33 cm) glass baking dish.  Repeat with remaining meat and cabbage leaves.

Tomato-Chili Sauce:  In blender combine tomato sauce, water, tomato paste, SPLENDA® Granular, basil, chili powder and salt.  Pour over cabbage rolls.  Cover with foil.

Bake in 375°F (190°C) oven 2 hours.  Remove foil, baste cabbage rolls with sauce and bake another 20 minutes.

Yield:  14 to 16 rolls
1 cabbage roll
204.7/179.1 calories
15.5/13.5 g protein
12.1/10.6 g fat
7.0/6.1 g carbs

Helpful Hints:  If you like spicy food, then adding a few drops of hot sauce to the cooked cabbage rolls is possible or you can add some to the sauce if everyone in the family likes spicy food.  Personally I like them just the way they are.


Maria Emmerich said...

Yum!!! I love cabbage rolls!!!

Lizzy Do said...

Oh, I love cabbage rolls...I'm glad you could develop a delicious low carb version!

Jennifer said...

Me too, Maria and Lizzy. :)

DeniseB said...

Cabbage rolls are one of my favorite. These look great!

Kathleen said...

Looking forward to trying this.

Jennifer said...

Hope Denise and Kathleen that you like the recipe. You can probably reduce the bake mix to half the amount and also it is possible to use your own filler like simply almond flour or oat bran.

easyfoodsmith said...

These sound delicious! I have never tried cabbage rolls.

Ann said...

I just made cabbage rolls for the first time and posted! Brilliant minds thinking alike! How COOL! They are very hard to photograph and I have to say - you did a GREAT job! Delicious! I wasn't a believer until I made them!

Jennifer said...

ROFL That is funny, Ann. Another friend of mine, Barbo, also made them around the same time I did. Thanks, Ann - you're so sweet. Waah, Ian's comment deflated me, but he does have a point. They are not cookies!