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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Study Says Teens are seeing 20% more Ads for Soda

Here is the full article.

Excerpt:  "Studies also show that when children think they are getting a food as a reward, they will likely prefer that one. Parents usually tell children to eat their broccoli then they will be rewarded with ice cream.
But if parents told them the opposite, to eat their ice cream so they would be rewarded with broccoli, children would more likely prefer the broccoli."
Do you believe the latter statement?  I don't.


Tina said...

Good info here and like you, do not believe the statement about influencing preferences by labeling it as a reward.
I do not drink soda, I have never liked actually. Pretty rough on your system in so many ways. If you lose a tooth and leave it in a glass of coke overnight, it will not be there the next morning. Not interested in having soda....

Jennifer said...

You are blessed that you do not drink soda, Tina.

Ann said...

I didn't know about the risk between sodas and pancreatic cancer, but it makes sense. I'm a HUGE fan of diet sodas. I try to limit them (and I'm drinking water right now) ....but I love them!

Jennifer said...

Me too, Ann - I try not to have them too much.