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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do you know about Sugar Addiction Awareness Day?

I believe it is today - 30th October!!  Here is an interesting podcast with two women interviewed by Dr. Robert Su.

"Ms. Escher is the organizer of a campaign, the first “Sugar Addiction Awareness Day October 30, 2011.” She is a former sugar addict and has been actively helping prevent others from falling into the same trap, from which she has successfully escaped with lots of efforts.
Ms. Kvist is a nutritionist who joins Ms. Escher in this important movement with her enormous knowledge in carbohydrate addiction."

Dr. Su also wrote an interesting article about carbohydrate addiction.


Ginny said...

LOL! Love that picture. That was me before I was diagnosed with diabetes. I craved sweets and I craved bread. I would lower my fat and calories to 1000 cal. or lower and gain weight sometimes, or not lose, and just be starving until I had to have it. Such a vicious cycle! I'm so glad to be free of that now.

Ann said...

Interesting that the date selected is the day before the biggest candy holiday around! I'm a lover of both, but I try to indulge wisely.....I don't always succeed, but I ALWAYS try!

Jennifer said...

That's an interesting story, Ginny. I am also so glad you are free of that. Now you are a role model.

Jennifer said...

Ann, that is good that you try. I think surrounded by temptation, it is difficult for anybody.

RVcook said...

"My name is Donna and I'm a carboholic"!

I usually do pretty well managing my sugar consumption, but I've been on a dark chocolate 'bender' lately and even though it does not contain much sugar, I still find that it is difficult to NOT have it. I have been fighting this battle my entire life and have seen firsthand the damaging affects of consuming unlimited amounts of sugar as a child. We may as well just call it "kiddie crack"...because that it surely what it is!

Jennifer said...

Sorry for the delay in posting your comment. I just finally got on a computer - that makes a change!

Hmm, I love chocolate but it doesn't love me anymore. Kiddie crack - wow, I think most of us have been addicted at some point - me included!