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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Freezer Chocolate Chip Cookies (GF)

These are lovely straight out of the freezer; however, they may be kept in the refrigerator if you find the chocolate chips freeze too hard.   There is huge traffic to my blog and no one has said anything about the breakthrough bake mix. Waah!  Poor me is how I felt this morning.  Maybe it was just a big old anti-climax after all the false starts? Maybe everyone expected something more fancy or more special-sounding.  Believe me, the bake is lovely and it works!  It is low in carbs, low in fiber and gluten-free.

UPDATE:  This recipe needs to be finalized - there are other fully-tested chocolate chip cookies on this blog.  Sorry about that.  I don't have the time for quite a while to get back into the kitchen to develop recipes or test them. This one will have to wait for a more opportune time.  However, for the brave of heart, I think this recipe should work as written.

Liquid sucralose to equal 1 cup (250 mL)
  SPLENDA® Granular
3/4 cup butter, melted (175 mL)
1/2  cup granulated erythritol (125 mL)
1 egg
2 3/4 cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix, (675 mL)
1 tsp baking soda (5 mL)
1/4  tsp salt (1 mL)
13/4  cups sugar free chocolate chips (425 mL)
1/4 cup chopped walnuts (60 mL)
Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).  In food processor or in bowl with electric mixer, combine SPLENDA® Granular, butter, erythritol and egg; process.  In medium bowl, combine Gluten-free Bake Mix, page___, baking soda and salt.  Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients; process.  Stir in chocolate chips and walnuts.

Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls (20 mL) onto ungreased cookie sheets.

Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until light brown.  Allow to cool completely on cookie sheet before sliding a thin spatula under the cookies to transfer to a sealed container for the freezer or refrigerator.

Yield:  32 cookies
1 cookie per serving
140.4 calories
2.2 g protein
11.5 g fat
2.4 g carbs

Variation:  Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies:  Use 2 eggs, 3/4 cup (175 mL) butter, 2 cups (500 mL) sugar free chocolate chips and 1 cup (250 mL) chopped walnuts.  Keep in the refrigerator.  This recipe makes a substantial, thick, chunky cookie; very good.   Yield: 34 cookies (2.4 g carbs).

Chocolate Chip Jumble Cookies:  For a lovely Christmas cookie, add some dried cranberries and shredded coconut to taste and reduce the chocolate chips or walnuts.


Philis said...

You are terrific and patient beyond belief! I tried to add a comment prior to this but it did not go through.

I admire you greatly and appreciate your hard work coming up with a lower carb four blend and would like to be your next door neighbor guinea pig.

I am lamenting that it uses oats since I think I have cross reactive problems with it. I was thinking of trying to sub that with the super fine brown rice flour. But I would prefer even less carbs.

I also would be interested in a mix using more coconut flour, almond flour and less of the oat/brown rice. Is that possible from your experience? Know you have to minimize the fiber, but I need more. :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I know people have trouble commenting. This is the not the first time people have told me this. I know of at least two people. I don't know what to do about it. :(

I think you can use brown rice flour instead of the oat flour. I would consider reducing the oat component - rice flour reduced to 1/3 cup and use 1/4 cup coconut flour. That should be a good experiment for you. :)

Jennifer said...

Let me know what you think. If you want the nutritional analysis of that bake mix possibility, I can do that for you too. :)

Philis said...

Jennifer, you are TERRIFIC.! I am so excited to try your experienced suggestion. My deviations from recipes have not worked out in the past so your advise is valued. I will let you know my results (if it gets through to you).

IF it works I will try to figure out the nutritional analysis but then see what your comes out to be in comparision.

But first I have to make some more of your Coconut Cheese Scones. Will try to put it in a small loaf pan this time.

Thank you again, Jennifer.

Jennifer said...

LOL You're welcome. No promises though - sounds good on paper, you know. It could be that you need to follow the same advice in the blurb under my Splendid Low-Carb Bake Mix, however, I would tend to use exactly the same amount of bake mix as white flour in a recipe - simply because the coconut flour in your bake mix is substantial and the baking could be too dense otherwise. You will probably need to follow the extra egg rule once you've used up the liquid/wet ingredients for your recipe - if the batter is still thick (won't always be, just depends) - add another egg, and even another if it is still too thick. I think for my recipes with the Splendid Bake Mix - I'd just follow it exactly and add either an extra egg or more liquid/wet ingredients where necessary.

Oh yes, I remember those coconut cheese scones. My DH liked them too. :)

Cindy said...

The new gluten free mix is out? {scrolling down madly} It is! Yay!!! And look at all the recipes. I missed one day and you went wild with new recipes.

I was going to make muffins tomorrow morning, so I'll be checking out that pumpkin muffin recipe.

Thanks so much!

Jennifer said...

Cindy, I was tickled pink to get your note. You are too funny. Nice to feel my work is appreciated. Have fun with the muffin recipe tomorrow morning. :)

Haggus said...

I have yet to try out the new mix, but I have followed your trials and tribulations coming up with it. For those trials and tribulations and finally the end pruduct, I'm very thankful. So thanks Ms. Eloff!

Ginny said...

Very much appreciated Jennifer! Can't wait to try these cookies! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Haggus, for writing. They certainly were trials and tribulations. You are right about that.

Thanks, Ginny. ((HUGS))

RVcook said...

Don't lament! We're all here...just waited until the right moment to make our voices heard.

AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to try out your finished blend and if it keeps hailing here, I'll probably do some baking today

To Philis: You may want to try Quinoa flour as a sub for oat. It is quite close nutritionally in protein and fat and has 17 net grams of carbs vs oat which has 14 net grams per 1/4 cup. Superfine brown rice flour on the other hand, comes in with 30 net grams...just about double! The other thing to consider is that rice flour has a tendency to impart a "gummy" texture to finished baked goods unless it is paired with sufficient starches, so you may not like your results.

Jennifer, thank you SO much for contending with all the ups and downs of developing this. After running through some of the trials with you, I can appreciate and respect all your had work. Geez...after this accomplishment...where will you go next??? ;-)


Jennifer said...

Hey, Donna!! Nice to see you here. Thanks for your kind words - better reserve your judgment - hope you like the bake mix. Thank you, too, Donna. I'm sure you were put there in my life just at that moment in time to re-inspire me.

Thanks so much for that advice for Philis. There is no way I could have known that as I've never baked with rice flour before, white or brown. I don't have a gluten-intolerance, but I have an interest in helping others with that problem, partly now because my DH seems to think he might have a problem with gluten. However, my interest was tweaked way before he decided it might be a problem. Not sure yet about that, but he certainly craves wheat products and then suffers congestion and weight gain.

My friend, Char, loves quinoa - quinoa flour, quinoa flakes, quinoa cooked like rice, etc. That is an excellent suggestion. Thanks again, Donna. I will have to see if the bake mix works nicely with quinoa flour.

Donna, if you are going to try your favorite test recipe, remember after adding all the liquid/wet ingredients to add another egg if the batter is too thick and then another and so on until the batter has the right consistency (coconut flour needs extra eggs at times, plus the xanthan gum can thicken the batter considerably). Beat the batter for a full minute before deciding. I mentioned that in the blurb below the bake mix. :)

Jon said...

Thank you for the Suggestion about Quinoa Flour Donna. Great idea. Have not used it, but game. My plan will be altered some for use with my husband as after the Coconut Flour Rolls he got a stiff neck. Forgot he reacts to Coconut Flour. Life is challenging for many but we persevere to find a way to eat the goodies! :)

Jennifer said...

A stiff neck from coconut flour? Now that's a reaction I've not heard before! One is never too old to learn something new!

SweetlySpicy said...

HI Jennifer!
Thank you very much for this new bake mix.
You truly do make low carbing splendid!

Jennifer said...

You're welcome, Noor. I try - with prayer and hard work, hopefully I can do even better.

Piper said...

Hi I just purchased your book set a few days ago. The recipes are really amazing and quite clever. One of the main reasons I purchased was for the nut free bake mix. I mixed up a batch yesterday. I will be making biscuits today. Will let you know how they turn out. Although I don't have a gluten intolerance I think your gluten free mix is terrific.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for buying my books! And, thank you for your kind words too. I hope you like the nut free bake mix. Donna, liked the oat flour version and used it for years. Biscuits are not easy to make - low-carb, that is. My Red Lobster-style Cheddar biscuits were possibly the closest I ever got to good biscuits.

Carolyn said...

Belatedly commenting. I haven't been by your blog in a while. Been *ahem* busy ;) Haven't tried out your new mix but plan to when I am less busy!

Jennifer said...

I've been *ahem* busy too. :)

Michelle K. said...

Hi Jennifer,

I been lurking the site for a few weeks now. I LOVE IT! I made these cookies yesterday. I don't know if I did something wrong. I followed the recipe exactly. My cookies didn't spread out, they remained the shape of my teaspon rounded drops. They also were kinda dry. Regardless, they were still very delish!!! Any suggestions?

Jennifer said...

Michelle, thanks for your kind words and honest feedback. I will post the updated recipe for you soon. I'll go the extra mile and test this recipe tomorrow again for you. I'll update with my findings. I will use 1 cup of butter. :)

Sometimes butter differs from country to country. Weird that - but my healthy butter - I have to make it differently in this country compared to Canada. I would suggest using a full cup of butter (i.e. 2 sticks).

The other thing is - bake them for only 8 minutes and leave them on the cookie sheet to cool and firm up before removing. Over baking these cookies will make them dry.

Also, you're meant to use a full tablespoon for the cookie dough - a teaspoon is too little.

These cookies rise a little, but do not spread much, if I recall, so you are right about that and you didn't do anything incorrectly.

So, let me get back to you tomorrow hopefully or soon thereafter. Thanks for your patience. Meanwhile, check the new recipe out; I will post it but still need to test it tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

Plans have changed. Tomorrow I won't be home, so will need to test this recipe again on Saturday perhaps. Thanks for your patience.

P.S. The updated recipe now posted and as written should be fine!