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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Note To My Readers Who Don't Need to Be Gluten-Free

Some of you might be feeling a little like I've abandoned you now that I'm concentrating on gluten-free and low-carb.  Not at all.  You may continue to use my super Splendid Low-Carb bake mix cup-for-cup in place of the gluten-free ones. The carbs will be lower in the baked goodies, so that is a bonus.

Thing is, most of my gluten-free recipes will also have global appeal in the low-carb community, however, the minority who also have to be gluten-free can now also freely enjoy my recipes.  Did you know that about 1/4 of America has gone gluten-free?  Here is an article in 2008 that talks about it and in 2011 that trend is still going strong and gaining momentum.  However, the low-carb and gluten-free community is still somewhat ill-represented.  That is about to change as more and more people are providing alternatives for them.


Anne H said...

I work as a Hospice Nurse, and families are always trying to feed me. Out of gratitude!
But I have to say "no" cuz of the carbs.
So I tell them I am gluten-intolerant!
Well, about half of them now can whip out
some gluten-free treats!
Better find a different "excuse!"
It really is a trend!

Jennifer said...

ROFL, Anne! Thanks for sharing that. Have a nice day, friend.

Jennifer said...

Hey, Anne - just a thought! How about saying, "I'm gluten-free and low-carb!" Haha watch the confusion creep over their sweet faces. ;)