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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*Crispy Potato Skins* (GF)

Jonathan said with delight, “This is a great appetizer.  Put it in the book!”  Looks like I skipped the cheese for the photo.
P.S.  Watch the non low-carbers grab your potato substitute!  Haha! (wink)

Yield:  6 servings
1 serving
235.9 calories
9.0 g protein
19.0 g fat
6.0 g carbs


Ginny said...

Looks wonderful Jennifer! Good idea for me since my men all eat potatoes. I never thought of using the skins. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, try it, you will love it. It is nicer than eating potatoes and please try Barbo's scalloped potatoes made with chayotes (I made it today again for our barbecue) - you will never miss potatoes again. Trust me on this one. :) We love it and so does Jonathan. Daniel likes the real thing and won't even try it.

Jennifer said...

P.S. Wanted to say that your guys are going to want to eat your potato skins too. Haha... it will be too funny to watch!

Arthur said...

You have changed my low carb world. I never even thought I could have the skins from potatoes.

Jennifer said...

LOL Arthur, you really made me smile.

mjskit said...

I usually leave the skin on my potatoes unless they are russets,, so what a fantastic idea for those potato skins! It's better than composting. I Love this recipe!

Jennifer said...

My hubby wants the potato skins tomorrow alongside burgers. :) I make the mashed potatoes for my eldest son, Daniel.

Kate said...

HOw many carbs are in each serving? Just curious!

Jennifer said...

Kate, you must be in Google Chrome - which means you can't see the text box! You can see it in Fire Fox and Internet Explorer. Anyway, I put the nutritional analysis at the bottom of the recipe for you. You may be curious. That's quite alright. :)