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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inulin - A product gaining popularity - good for us or not?

Inulin is extracted from chicory roots.  It is a carbohydrate, but since it is not absorbed from the digestive tract, it is considered a fiber.

All I know is that I'm fairly fiber-intolerant.  I can't have too much or I'm in trouble.  As for most of the sugar alcohols, other than dear sweet erythritol, I'm also in trouble.

I read about inulin in someone's low-carb recipe and was a bit curious, so did a bit of digging and found this article:

Inulin - Friend or Foe?


Adriana said...

Hello Jennifer! This is Adriana from Germany again... Thank you for your wonderful and useful blog! It is a real inspiration for me and I read it every day!

I don't like inulin, I also had read about it in some low-carb bread-recipes and I bought it. Probably I don't know how to handle correctly with it but my dough became totally soggy and sticky every time I tried to use it :-( and I don't like how it tastes either :-(

Instead of inulin I use Hi-Maize, it works very well and with it you can substitute/decarb up to 20% your flour quantities in any recipe (cake, pancakes, breads...). Do you know Hi-Maize? (

I'd like to hear your opinion about this product. It's also actually interesting for you, for your gluten-free recipes :-)

Best Regards
Adriana :-)

Jennifer said...

Adriana, hey, how are you?

Thanks for sharing your experience with inulin.

I really should look into the Hi-Maize product. Thank you for the link. I will check it out. Good point - should be gluten-free.

Jennifer said...

I noticed it is 60% insoluble fiber - that could be a problem for me unfortunately. However, I will keep it in the back of my mind. You never know.