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Monday, January 10, 2011

20 Worst Drinks in America

Wowzers!  Check out this link for more interesting info.   Sugar equivalent? 32 Nilla Wafers

 Wow - worst espresso drink (equivalent to 8 scoops of rich, creamy ice cream)

Or how about innocent Lemonade?

10. Worst Lemonade

Auntie Anne’s Wild Cherry Lemonade Mixer (32 fl oz)

470 calories
0 g fat
110 g sugars
Sugar Equivalent: 11 bowls of Cookie Crisp cereal  - Nasty!!

There is no such thing as healthy lemonade (wait a minute - what about our low-carb lemonades?), but Auntie’s line of Lemonade Mixers takes the concept of hyper-sweetened juice and stretches it to dangerous new levels. See, sugar digests faster than good-for-you nutrients like protein and fiber, which means it’s in your blood almost immediately after you swallow it. Drinking the 3 or 4 days’ worth of added sugar found here jacks your blood sugar and results in strain to your kidneys, the creation of new fat molecules, and the desire to eat more. Ouch.

Or This one at 2,000 calories:

1. Worst Beverage in America

Cold Stone PB&C (Gotta Have It size, 24 fl oz)

2,010 calories
131 g fat (68 g saturated)
153 g sugars
Sugar Equivalent: 30 Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies

In terms of saturated fat, drinking this Cold Stone catastrophe is like slurping up 68 strips of bacon. Health experts recommend capping your saturated fat intake at about 20 grams per day, yet this beverage packs more than three times that into a cup the size of a Chipotle burrito. But here’s what’s worse: No regular shake at Cold Stone, no matter what the size, has fewer than 1,000 calories. If you must drink your ice cream, make it one of the creamery’s “Sinless” options. Otherwise you’d better plan on buying some bigger pants on the way home.


Carolyn said...

These drinks are so gross. I never likes them even before I had to go low carb, the size and sweetness was just WAY too much!

Anne H said...

I'm sorry to say that this made me a little bit hungry!

Jan J. said...

EEEEKKK!!! That is unbelievable! We know someone who puts those bottled Starbucks drinks away all day. We just discoverd True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade - in those little tubes like Crystal Light but sweetened with stevia and made with all natural crystalized lemon - delicious with out the ton of sugar!

Jennifer said...

Carolyn, I haven't actually ever had one, but now I definitely won't. My son sometimes orders a specialty drink and he is well aware of the calories, etc.

LOL Anne, sorry - hope you found a substitute.

Jan - that is unbelievable. Maybe you can send him/her the link? If people know what they're drinking, they might think twice. I know I would and do. Sounds like you made a really good find!

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