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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Height Waist Index - Better than BMI measurements

Dr. Robert Su - Height Waist Index    I think this could be better than the BMI measurements which are not very accurate, especially if a person has a lot of muscle and a big build - these kinds of people could look obese by the BMI model, but in reality are far from it.


Anonymous said...

I came in at an HWI of -2...that cannot be normal can it?
My height is 185 cm and my waist 72...hmmm...

Jennifer said...

Hmm, I got that answer as well. Maybe you should ask Dr. Su that question. I'd really like to know as well. Either way you are definitely in good shape. :) Hope you see my answer to your query. Sorry for the delay. I've just been over-the-top busy.