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Thursday, October 28, 2010

McDonald's Hamburgers That Don't and Won't Decompose In Decades!!

I was shocked to read this on the site of Mike Adams.  Hamburger buns - surely they would grow mold in days - nope these buns from McDonald's - nothing eats 'em, except us humans.  Go figure!
Check it out here       Most weird.  Anyone have an explanation, besides the high sodium content?  Mike's comments are hilarious!
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Amy Dungan said...

I call BS. There are so many variables that make up good experiment, and so far none of these McDonalds experiments are good science. Mold and bacteria need certain conditions to grow. They don't just grow on everything that isn't refrigerated.
A blogger that knows this did her own experiment and proves that home made foods and McDonalds will both mold, or not mold, depending on the environment. And she proved mold on McDonalds in only 9 days. I'm sharing the link below for those that are interested.

Jennifer said...

LOL Amy - thank you for the link debunking the McDonald's doesn't decay myth. It is a relief, not to say that McDonald's is health food by any stretch of the imagination, but it's still nice to know it is "food".