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Friday, October 1, 2010

Looks Like Drew Carey of the Price is Right Lost Weight Low-Carbing

Carey before and after his astonishing 80-pound weight loss.
( Frederick M. Brown/Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Check this news article. Pretty interesting, hey? I'd say he was low-carbing. I wonder if his fruit snack was low-carb too?


Anonymous said...

Yup, great isn't it? He is low carbing. If you do a web search you'll find that info around from interviews.


Jennifer said...

Great - I figured as much! Thank you.

Eenadu said...

Nice post.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Eenadu.

Judy Barnes Baker said...

Well, maybe he's not really doing low carb. An article in last Sunday's paper quoted him as saying he almost "gnawed is leg off" from hunger in the first few weeks and that he ate egg white omelets. He wouldn't have been hungry if he was eating a low-carb diet with good fat--like egg yolks.

You can lose weight cutting carbs AND fat, but that's doing it the hard way and you lose some of the benefits. I've read that Drew suffers from bi-polar disorder, in which case he REALLY needs those egg yolks!

Jennifer said...

Hi Judy - thank you for that information. You're right that is doing low-carbing the hard way! Low-carb should by definition also be higher fat - it satiates as we well know.

I was thinking about you today! So nice to hear from you.