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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Do You Have Difficulty Losing Weight on a Low-Carb Diet or Any Diet?

Besides having your thyroid checked, if that is fine, then it could be the frequency of eating.  I tell you why I say this.  My husband has great difficulty dropping weight unless he has a period of time where he goes for a long time without eating - i.e. one meal a day a few times a week works really well for him.  Another thing, if he gets hungry at 9-00 pm and he frequently does, if he keeps the snack to a sausage or some yogurt and strawberries, he is okay, but if that turns into a meal, he is not going to see a loss on the scale the next morning.

My own experience:   I have gone months on low-carb at 20 grams a day and not lost a thing - somehow my body also needs to sense a period of time when there is not sustenance coming in and then it raids the fat stores.  That is how I lose weight too.  That is why I like to eat in the beginning of the day up until about 1 or 2 pm  (when dieting) and then quit until the next morning.  A couple of times a week, I'll go from lunch to lunch and I always lose weight that way - I usually am guaranteed a 1 or 2 lb loss for the week doing that.  In the beginning it is tough, but if one sticks to lower carb fare, it is much easier and one's appetite is under control.

Some people might be able to eat 3 squares on a low-carb diet plus snacks and lose weight, but Ian and I are not those people.  We've tested it sometimes for years at a stretch until we get fed up and want to lose weight and then we do what works for us.


DAR said...

I eat 4 small meals each day, spaced about 4 hours apart. If I skip the last one, I might lose weight, but I won't get much sleep that night. Sometimes I can spread things out more and skip an earlier meal, but I sleep better if I have an evening/nightly meal. I'm glad you are able to go longer without eating and sleep at the same time; I wish I could!

Jennifer said...

Hi Dar, thank you for your perspective on this and your own experience. Everybody is different, it is true. The way you eat is kind of the way I love to eat - I sometimes would graze all day long while in the kitchen cooking and baking, but I didn't lose weight that way and often gained. I know you are nice and skinny (even with diabetes), so I'm happy that method works so very well for you.

mac24312 said...

Do you drink anything after not eating from 1 or 2pm..

Do you eat just 1 meal a day for a couple of days then go back to what I call Fast 5 here... ;]

I have not lose anything in over a year because of Menopause. I graze also..eating as I cook..bad habit and trying to stop that..

Jennifer said...

Basically, I drink as much tea as I like with regular milk and 2 Splenda packets. I also drink Rooibos tea. If I am beside myself hungry, I'll add a teaspoon of peanut butter on the side. Yes, a couple of days a week - pretty much 24 hour fasts and then the rest of the week 2 meals a day and I try to have a period as long as possible without eating, trying to stop at 2 pm, but sometimes if we have a barbecue that goes 'till about 5 pm. Then I usually try and organize my day by starting to eat at around 11 am. I think that is more like Fast 6. lol Same idea though, I guess.