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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes!

Thought I'd share: Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes

Dar of Dar Dreams put together a list of her Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes. I'm thrilled and feel honored to be one of them. I'm in very good company in that list and I'm very grateful to be included. Thanks, Dar! Dar tirelessly keeps inspiring people with diabetes to stay the course on a very low-carb diet to control blood sugar. She is one of the most disciplined people I know. She has also had her fair share of other challenges in life and she is also another Snow White who can relate to my life script.

I just found Dar's e-how articles and step by step instructions for making recipes. Really impressive! Dar Dream's E-How Articles She has tons of other links with lovely looking recipes - check it out on that same link to the Top 20 Low-Carb Heroes! Well done, Dar! You've been really busy!

Dar wrote in comments, but in case someone misses it, here is an excerpt that is important:

"For those who don't know who I am and/or have never visited any of my websites, "Who or What is DARdreams?" is a good place to start:"


DAR said...

Thank you so much, Jennifer! You deserve to be on my heroes list for many reasons. I am honored to have you as my hero and my friend.

I've been so busy working on my websites lately, the tendinitis in my right elbow is coming back! But I have so much I want to share with people, it's hard to take a break... Except for wandering into my kitchen to dream up new recipes, that is!

For those who don't know who I am and/or have never visited any of my websites, "Who or What is DARdreams?" is a good place to start:

Thanks again for your support! 8+)

Jennifer said...

Dar, you are welcome and thanks again. I am so sorry about the tendinitis. For that kind of injury, prolotherapy is apparently most effective. Have you heard of it? Perhaps you need to take a break for your own sake to recover. Have you checked your ergonomics at your desk? I'm sure you have.

I'm quite confused as to which are the best link/links to you that I should put in my favorite blog links?

DAR said...

The last time I had tendinitis in my right elbow was after many, many hours of working on the photos and video for my son's wedding and remodeling a bathroom 4 years ago. It took years of rest and gentle exercises (which I still do) for it to heal. (I haven't heard of prolotherapy, but I'll look it up.)

I'm trying to rest my elbow more between long sessions at my computer so it doesn't get to that point again. I am able to rest my right arm and wrist on the padded arm of my chair as I use my mouse and that helps, but too many hours at once is causing that all-too-familiar pain again.

I'm not surprised you're confused as to which link is best for me. The one you have in your blog list is to my original DARdreams website which contains my recipes and blog. It is the only link that is directly to my main blog.

But the "Who or What is DARdreams" link ( tells people more about me and gives an overview of all of my online activities. It also has a live feed from my DARdreams blog (and DARdreams2,too), so I guess technically it's a link to my blogs, too.

I like that it gives me stats so I can see how many visitors I've had (my other DARdreams site stopped doing that) and the number of visitors helps my ranking. At the moment, I'm #10 in the "About Me" category out of over 1000!

I'm leaning toward "Who or What is DARdreams," but it's up to you which link to use; I'm just honored to be on your list!

Kent said...

A more deserving hero could not be found...

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Kent, you brought a smile to my face tonight.

You know what? I was thinking about you today and thinking I'm going to do a blog post about your latest video of the pizza crust. You are certainly one of my low-carb heroes and I'm sure had Dar known about you, she would think the same!

Jennifer said...

Dar, I'm so sorry, I'll have to check the spam folder from time to time (didn't know blogger had one), as your comment ended up in Spam.

I think you need to rest to recover. Please, your well-being is much more important. I only know the hell my son has been through.