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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Metformin Can Reduce Risk of Various Cancers

The Diabetes drug, Metformin, which acts by making the cells more sensitive to the action of insulin, has been found to reduce cancer in a recent study on mice. Find the report here.

Metformin also makes sure that there is less insulin at any given time and that is what helps some people lose weight when they take it. I once went on it for a few weeks a few years ago. It was a dumb idea, but I did lose weight and then unfortunately a nasty side effect occurred. I developed paresthesia - numbness in my toes in the morning and then one morning my face was partially numb as if I had been to the dentist. I suspected the Metformin and quit taking it. I looked up side effects of Metformin and in one obscure site I found the side effect of paresthesia symptoms. So for me it's not an option and I'm sad about that. It was nice and easy to lose weight on Metformin and now it can help prevent cancer too. Wow, that's pretty cool and people who have diabetes and need to take Metformin can now celebrate that fact!

My observation: Metformin reduces the amount of blood sugar - right? So what feeds cancer cells? Sugar! Therefore, it stands to reason that less sugar would starve any new cancer cells right off the bat. What do you guys think? Just a thought.

Here is a major league interesting site about Metformin Seems there may be a way around the paresthesia issue by taking B vitamins. Anyway I'm not going to be doing any of that any time soon. It's better to lose the old fashioned way - fewer side effects! I'm usually 5 to 10 lbs over my ideal weight and I often think I should just get serious about it for once. I think it's because I hate dieting and love cooking and baking and eating rather.


Lucy said...

I don't know what made you decide to write a post on metformin, but I'm glad you did!

I just recently started back on again (1,000mg). It was kind've hard to go back after being off for over a year but the low carb just wasn't doing as great a job as before...the metformin has helped. It's only been a week I've been back on, but I've already noticed a slight difference.

Here's praying for no funky side effects - that would be a BUMMER! I don't plan on staying on this med forever. I can't help but believe my body will respond in a favorable way.

Anyhoo-thanks again.

Debbie said...

This is not the first time I have read about sugar feeding cancer cells. Apparently the cells are starved if they are glucose deprived. So maybe not eating alot of carbs in the first place would help one not get cancer?

Dream_Puppy said...

That's so interesting! Of course it would make sense that reducing insulin would reduce cancer risk! I'm going to look into this more. Thanks for posting this!

BTW, I also have 10 pounds to lose. i want to get serious!!! But it's hard when one already looks "pretty good" eh?

Jan J. said...

That's the first I've heard of this and very happy to hear it since I have to take metformin for now! It hasn't helped me lose weight, though. I had been doing moderately low carb and was losing until I got diagnosed with diabetes and they put me on glipizide and metformin, and I began GAINING weight rapidly. I don't use the glipizide much anymore but still not able to lose weight, alas, though not doing as well on low carb as I should. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

Lucy, I'm sure you will be fine with Metformin. It's great knowing there are other wonderful health benefits from taking the drug, besides helping with weight loss and stabilizing blood sugar.

Debbie, you are absolutely correct, in my opinion. Low-carbing also reduces insulin levels in the body.

LOL Dream Puppy - so my hubby tells me, however, I know in my heart that I would look and feel better if I got serious and lost the weight. I think as one gets older and has other responsibilities, looking half decent is okay in our opinion and we are no longer the perfectionists we once were. I know I am less looks-oriented than I used to be and things that really bothered me when I was younger hardly phase me these days.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Jan, that is really sad that what they put you on made you gain weight like that. That should not be allowed!! I'm sure you will find your path to weight loss again. I find IFing works for me even if I'm not really low-carb, I can still lose weight because calories are reduced. I'm short at 5' 3" so calories count.