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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm so Excited I cannot Hide it!

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I had an interview with Jimmy Moore this morning! He is a really nice guy to talk to and he had some kind remarks about the interview afterward, such as, "GOOD JOB and AWESOME". I was grateful because I haven't done this sort of thing in a long time. I've basically been retired from writing cookbooks for 7 years, but I've been in the cookbook business for 18 years. Now my cookbooks are dwindling in number and I'm toying with the idea of an 8th cookbook (6th low-carb one). The podcast will be available on Jimmy's Blog November 8th apparently. I will broadcast it here on my blog.

So here we are sitting on a mountain in the jungles of South America talking on Skype. Neat thing Skype. We tried the telephone but for some reason there was some feedback that Jimmy was getting on his side (voice echo or something), so we switched to Skype. Last night Ian dutifully checked to see what 11-00 am EDT was in terms of where we live. What do you know? He got it wrong. So at 10-00 am our time Jimmy phones! Eeek! We had just finished entertaining a nice Canadian gentleman who lives on the mountain here. Oh and I also walked Smiley down to the river and back as I normally do. Honestly, there is a little Canada here on the mountain!

What is interesting is that this man is diabetic and his wife has Celiac disease. I talked a little bit about low-carbing for people with diabetes and also mentioned that my low-carb gluten-free bake mix would be ideal for them. He could make, say, muffins with the bake mix for both of them (he likes to bake) - it would cover low-carb and gluten-free, I said. Trouble is people trust their doctors and the traditional diet for diabetes where fat is vilified and carbohydrate gets off Scot free, so low-carbing sounds foreign and wrong. Then add to that that I mention the specialty products used in the gluten-free bake mix and I look like I have 2 heads or something. (smile) That's why I don't often open my mouth about low-carbing unless asked, or put it this way, I usually don't go into details after saying something, unless asked, but I guess I was on top form today. People need to show an interest otherwise it can be a bit of a thankless task. Diet, health and food, etc. is a very personal thing and people don't usually want advice on that score.
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Lisa, motyok said...

What? You don't have two heads? As pretty as you are, that would be a good thing. I understand what you mean. You explain what your research tells you, and suddenly you are dangerous to them--or their addictions, anyway.

I'll be listening when your interview with Jimmy comes up. It is good to get acknowledged for all the work you do. I hope you do come out with a new cookbook. I know you are always still busy, and your efforts are a blessing to many of us.

Lucy said...

So right you are! I have a friend who cannot stop talking about how wonderful low fat is because she, a long, long, long, long, time ago, lost 85 pounds while eating low-fat. She is adamant low fat is the way to go and won't hear a word you have to say otherwise.

I can't wait to be walking proof that low-carb is the ticket. I know I may not get there quickly, but I gave up quick weight loss games a long time ago ... actually it was only January of this year (didn't start low-carbing until 2 and 1/2 months ago).

Amy Dungan said...

Cool! Can't wait to hear it! I have skype... we should talk sometime! :)

Steve Parker, M.D. said...

Jimmy interviewed me about 18 months ago and it was a delightful experience.

Most people don't realize he has experience in regular radio broadcasting, I think as a DJ.

Ditto your remarks on unsolicited dietary advice. It's hard enough for people to take the advice even if they ask for it.

Tracey said...

Ooh, cool. I listen to Jimmy's podcasts while I'm in the kitchen preparing food. I can't wait to hear your interview! Congrats.

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone. :-) I'm sorry to delay in replying. I've been so wrapped up in a friend's problems, but things are looking up today.

Hey, Lisa - you need an interview with Jimmy too. Love your blog and you cookbooks as well.

Yep, Lucy, it will be sweet justice when you show your friend that low-carbing does work.

Thanks, Amy. Ian has skype, but I don't. I'm still on gmail though - so say hi sometime. Love to hear from you. I admire all your hard work.

Wow, Steve, if you say it is difficult as a doctor to convince people to change their diets, then what chance do we stand? I don't think I heard your interview. Do you have a link for it? Love to hear it. You are right about Jimmy - he has a lot of talent in that area. He is not self-conscious. Unfortunately I am and I really don't want to listen to my interview. That would be painful.

Tracey - thanks. You're a sweetheart. Keep up the great work. What a good time to listen to Jimmy - while preparing low-carb food. That's bound to keep food choices kosher. lol