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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Using Splenda was a better option for us than Sugar

Now a new study has come out showing that sugar increases heart disease risk: Study Details.

I know in my heart that making all the recipes I did through the years with sugar and white flour would have been our undoing. Instead we've used Splenda and flour substitutes on a lower carbohydrate diet for about 11 years. Prior to that since 1992, we've used Splenda instead of sugar - that makes 18 years. 18 years of moderate to heavy Splenda consumption versus sugar consumption. Maybe it's wise to do moderation with Splenda but that's not the way it worked out for my family. We have probably been the world's greatest guinea pigs for Splenda consumption over a long period of time and using plenty of it! I feel fairly confident that no one else will consume as much as we have in a lifetime, so it should be relatively safe for other people to use, unless one has some kind of allergy to it. Sugar, on the other hand, consumed in large quantities would definitely have posed a problem for us health-wise as this recent study proves.

That said everyone wanting to avoid sugar in baking needs to find a sugar substitute that they feel comfortable with; just make sure it is heat stable.


Kent said...

I very much agree, Jennifer. While I am "in moderation" guy, I am always amazed at the angst my Splenda recipes receive on Youtube. Things like the Diet Coke Wings or Cheesecake -- I am sure every video with Cheerios, shredded wheat, or refined flour don't receive this angst. There is enough chemicals in each of those to pale the makeup of Splenda.

If you have allergic reaction to Splenda, fine use something else, but in the age of commercial and products with lowest cost ingredients, my 3 Splenda servings per day hardly are a blip on proverbial radar.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Kent, of course, you are right about the chemicals in Cheerios, shredded wheat and refined flour. There is a chemical in white flour that has been linked to diabetes. During the manufacturing of white flour, millers use a form of chlorine gas to bleach and artificially “age” flour. The goal, of course, is a clean, white product. The chlorine gas reacts with the flour, oxidizing, whitening it and reducing the gluten.

But it also converts an dough additive called xanthine into a toxic substance called alloxan. The alloxan is an unintended byproduct.

So what is alloxan? Alloxan is a toxin which destroys pancreatic islet cells, resulting in diabetes. In fact, Alloxin is specifically used in research labs to induce diabetes in rats and mice for study purposes.

Here is the link to some articles:

The amount of Splenda you have is indeed a blip on the proverbial radar! Send them to my blog if they worry about Splenda and get them to do a search on safety of Splenda or let them go to my website and read about what we have to say on the subject.

Here is a great place to send them to read about all the artificial sweeteners including Splenda - written by Dr. Eades: