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Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Make Processed Sausages Less Salty

I can't stand really salty-tasting sausages, besides the fact that I often will put on undesired water weight. High sodium foods are not a good idea for anyone who has high blood pressure. Here is a way that fixes that.

I discovered by boiling the sausages and pouring off the water and boiling in new water if necessary, really reduces the saltiness in processed sausages, which are notoriously high in sodium. It's a matter of osmosis. The salt moves to the less salty medium, but as soon as an equilibrium is reached, no more salt will leave the sausages and go into the water. Then throw off the water and add new water to boil them again.

After that procedure, you can fry your sausages or use them in casseroles, stews, etc. as you normally would.

Simple solution!


Dy said...

You can also try making your own sausages. Its not hard, and there are several sausage-stuffer adapters that can be put on a Kitchenaid mixer, or you can buy a stand-alone grinder/stuffer. With home-made sausages, you don't need all the salt that is used as a preservative, since you can freeze them immediately, and you have complete control over what spices/herbs you put in them. I make a batch of Oktoberfest, Hunter, Chicken, and Bratwurst sausage every 6 months.

Jennifer said...

Wow, clever! I should look into that! It must be a lot of work though.

Jennifer said...

I just read a bit about you. I'm so sorry about the trial you have had with deafness, since you were 9 years old. Did the operation help you? I'm sure you help many people by the sounds of things.

Do you know Dr. Gary Richardson from Nanaimo? Curious. He is my first cousin.

Dy said...

No, sorry I don't know him, but it certainly is a small world isn't it?

Making the sausages isn't that hard, just time consuming. Its worth it though because you have 100% control over what goes in it, you don't have to add salt or sugar or anything you don't want.

Getting my cochlear implant has been one of the most wonderful things I've ever done. Its totally opened up a new lease on life for me, and every day I'm thankful that I can hear again :) Thank you for asking.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that is amazing news!! I have goosebumps reading that. It was not immediately clear from reading your profile and blog whether it had been successful. I am so very happy for you. What a truly wonderful story!


buttoni said...

Oh, thanks so much for this tip, Jennifer. I'm getting very sodium sensitive, and though I start out cooking all my link-type sausage in 1/4" shallow water and keep adding fresh 2-3 more times, I just let it evaporate before topping it off, which probably leaves a good bit of the sodium still in the pan residue. I'll have to start actually boiling in deeper water and test this out. Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

Hi Peggy - you're welcome. Keep an eye open for a shout out for your blog this month. Sorry it took me so long.