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Friday, March 19, 2010


(Photograph, courtesy of Linda Sue, from Linda's Low-Carb Recipes and Menus)

How to make Carbalose flour and Carbquik have less of an aftertaste:

That headline seems a little harsh, but many people have complained that they detect a nasty, unacceptable taste in those products. Many boycott the products as a result. That is a pity as the products are actually very innovative and have some really wonderful uses. I recently discovered that by combining one of those flours half and half with my Splendid Low-Carb Bake Mix, a wonderful thing happens - that strange taste seems to diminish or disappear completely depending on how sensitive you are to the aftertaste (I tasted nothing bad at all)! Together the two make a fascinating new low-carb bake mix, not too unlike using real flour. Try it and see. You can order these wonderful products by Tova from You will be taking your low-carb experience up to a new level, I think. What is more the sodium content of these flours is what has put many people off as well. It's never fun to see a 2-lb water weight gain on the mean old scale in the morning. Now the sodium content will be cut by half and then it is cut further by the number of servings - not too bad at this point and no undue water weight should pile on. I have yet to try it in several other recipes but I did make the Cheddar Bay Biscuits on Linda Sue's fabulous website. She had a tweaked version of what apparently appeared on the Carbquik box and I followed it and substituted half the Carbquik with my Splendid Low-Carb Bake mix and half with Carbalose flour (probably could have used Carbquik but I didn't have any). I also added 2 tsp of baking powder, because the Carbquik is like a biscuit mix with the shortening and baking powder included. I used unsalted butter. They turned out super!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Christina, I'm sorry I don't know what I did. I'm guessing I hit "reject" instead of "publish" by mistake.

Anyway, going by memory of what you asked. Yes, I mixed Carbalose flour and my bake mix (any one of the major ones) half and half. I think it would work with Carbquik as well, but then it has extra ingredients in it like shortening and baking powder, so that's a bit confusing. One has to take that into account if subbing Carbquik. It's easier to use Carbalose flour.

My sons loved the mixture of Vital Oat Ultimate Bake mix and Carbalose flour in my Aunty Marie's blueberry muffins from Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Volume 1 - they preferred it over my bake mix alone in the muffins. I think I will be using this new bake mix more often for my own purposes. I'm not sure how many folks will go to the trouble of ordering Carbalose flour, but I think it's worth it. My muffins were more dense and brown and the others were slightly fluffier and whiter - looked and tasted a bit more like a regular flour blueberry muffin. Both were still very nice though. I'll post the blueberry muffin photo and recipe tomorrow hopefully. You already have the recipe in your cookbook.