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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy went on his final Happy adventure

Today was one of the most difficult days I've had to live through in a long time. We had to make the decision - the one no one wants to make - because Happy's kidneys were failing and he was being slowly poisoned. We probably waited too long, but we could not let go... We did today - we did what was right and humane for Happy. People get help for pain, but dogs generally don't. We tried everything to prolong Happy's life. I think he got 4 more months than he would have, and saw his 14th birthday, plus 2 more months. He was so brave.

Happy passed peacefully next to the river in a gazebo, held by my husband and I, while we gently stroked him and talked to him. Kind vets and a compassionate assistant were in attendance as well.

My heart is very sore and heavy tonight. I miss Happy already. My poor husband is devastated and never ever wants another dog (that's what he says). Our young, adult sons are okay, thankfully (this was the doggie they grew up with). They are more resilient than one realizes.

The reviews to this book helped me quite a bit.

P.S. Happy was buried today (26th Oct. 2009) in our beautiful garden under a gorgeous, shady tree. I planted some beautiful, colorful Impatience around the grassy spot which marks his grave. In time, we will make it a pretty garden with lots more beautiful flowers. I want to find a little statue of a dog that resembles our Happy to place in that spot. There have been such lovely, caring notes sent to me via email. I'm going to ask permission of all those people and see if I can share some of them here under the comments as a further tribute to Happy, but also to perhaps help alleviate the pain that others may be going through at this very moment with their own pets.


swatkins said...

My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss. I know happy was very loved and will be greatly missed. Time will help, but your heart will always hold a place for Happy. Maybe someday there will be a place in your husbands heart for another pet. He's probably got more love to give than he realizes now. You too. Peace to you as you lay your loved one to rest.

Jan J. said...

I'm very sorry about your beautiful little dog. If only all animals could be loved and cared for like he was. I know this is a terrible loss but I hope your husband will change his mind someday. You can never replace the one lost but a new one brings great joy and healing. My sincere condolences on your loss.

Truthful said...

Sorry to hear of your loss. Free memorial websites are provided by , & making a memorial website for "Hero" my wheelchair Service Dog helped me in the grief process.

My eulogy for Hero is at

Nancy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! I really am, I lost my dog Teddy a year and half ago and it still makes me sad. We had another dog at the time, Stuey and he missed Ted too and stopped eating, it was so stressful for him. It took him about 6 months before he started acting normal again. Me too. My kids and I have both had dreams that he is comes to visit.

Amy Dungan said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Happy's passing. Pets are such a joy and it's never easy to say goodbye. You adn your family will be in our prayers Jennifer. ((HUGS))

Lisa, motyok said...

My heart hurts for you. We finally made the long overdue decision to put our Rosie out of her pain, only to lose her son Freckles only three weeks later. They were the dogs of my sons' childhood. We also said no more dogs... until we saw all those faces of pets needing adoption. We ended up with a gorgeous golden retriever who had Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Her owners had abandoned her, refusing to pay for treatment. She is a wonderful girl who just needed some love. After we adopted her, she finally responded to treatment and was cured. When picking her up, we met a pit bull who was nearly unadoptable, by reputation of the breed. He is the best dog ever--playful, smart, and wonderful with people. When I think of all those pets who just need a family, I cry. Adopting helped us through our grief, so give it some time, but don't close any doors.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Swatkins, Jan, Truthful, Nancy, Amy and Lisa - your kind and caring notes mean more to me than you probably realize, and they honor Happy's memory. (((HUGS))) to all of you.

Jennifer said...

I am going to share some of the emails I received as a tribute to Happy, and to possibly help someone else going through a similar suffering.

Here is the first one I received from someone who is a dear friend:

Oh dear Jen, and family:

Every time I get an email from you I hold my breath
because I think oh this one is about Happy.

I know your pain and I just am so sorry that you had
to say goodbye to your dear friend. My heart is heavy
for you right now, and tears have come to my eyes as well.

God blesses you for making Happy a wonderful, fabulous
life for fourteen years. Your heart will always miss him,
but God will give you the grace and courage and
will lift your spirits. You did the right thing.

Prayers for you and yours. My time with Molly is always
on my mind as she is fifteen and one half.

Love you,

Jennifer said...

Dear Jen,

I've been following your writings about Happy, and have been praying for him and for you and your family. It isn't too long ago that we lost our beloved Beau after fighting a similar few months of illness, so I know what you're feeling, and I know it isn't easy.

Please remember that you gave him a life that, like his name, was Happy, and that you did your best for him right to the very end.

I like to think that our Beau is completely healed and is somewhere waiting for the time when we'll come to join him, that some other dog lovers who reached that ultimate destination before we did are caring for him as we would, and that he has friends among the other dogs that are also waiting for their people to catch up. Maybe Beau and Happy are playing together right now -- who knows?

May God bless you and help to ease your pain.


Jennifer said...

This is from my dear friend, Jan:

It's hard to say goodbye to such a special companion,
the one loved and cared for so dearly,
May fond memories of your beloved pet, warm your heart always.

So sorry to hear about your loss of Happy over the weekend.

Hugs to you,

Jennifer said...

Oh Dear Jen,
I'm so very, very sorry to hear about Happy. The loss of a dear pet is a deep wound indeed. I am glad to know that the past few days were easier and that her going was peaceful. That pain will persist a while. I will pray for each of you in the days to come.

God bless,

Jennifer said...

... we are thinking of you and HAPPY, who has a good time with Jesus now.... Dont cry too much like we did when Scarlett passed away, they will have a good time, believe it - and YOU KNOW IT!!! love Karin

Jennifer said...

Jennifer - I am so sorry for your loss. I have been there myself and it is never easy. It sounds like Happy had a wonderful life and even as he crossed over, you were so kind to him. I know your heart and soul are heavy but that says something in and of itself - he was a wonderful part of your family or you would not be feeling this way so look at the feelings as a reflection of good - not bad.
You are in my thoughts and prayers -


Jennifer said...

You have my deepest sympathies. We had a dog named Harlequin and had to put him down, sometimes I feel as if, he is near and I can feel him say thank you. He was suffering.

Jennifer said...

Dear Ian & Jen,

Thanks for letting us know about what you're going through right now. We feel really sad for you as we know from experience how these special doggies can weave their way into one's heart -- so I know you feel as if you've lost a member of your family, and indeed Happy has been that to you for so long. I'm glad you're all together during this time so you can process it together and give and receive comfort and strength to and from each other. We'll miss you tomorrow night but will pray for you and for God's comfort and healing in this big loss that you and your wonderful sons are experiencing. Perhaps it will draw the four of you even closer to each other than you've been before, and I know you're already close so closer will be even better! I send lots of love and hugs for all four of you from both of us.

Sharing in your grief and loss,

Jennifer said...

I know how you feel - we had to put our Lab down at age 12 (cancer). One of the hardest things we ever had to do. I'm sorry you had to go through that. They're like one of our kids.


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry to hear about Happy. Your e-mail brought tears to my eyes. I remember when our dog Mougli died, We were with him also. Happy will be there at Rainbow Bridge to meet you one day. If you have not read Rainbow Bridge I will send it to you, it is so beautiful.

Our prayers are with you both. God bless you and comfort you in this time of sadness.


Jennifer said...

Dear Jennifer

I cried when I read your's really difficult to lose a pet, especially a dog as great as Happy....
I've been in your shoes, I know how rough a time you're having.... You and your husband need time, but I can tell you from experience that there's a hurt in your heart that won't begin to heal until you pick out another dog... And that dog will never replace Happy, but he'll give you plenty of love, just like Happy did

In Christ,

PS This is not the time to say it, but thanks so much for your low-carb newsletter... you're a great health educator to so many of us....

Jennifer said...

Oh Jennifer I am so sorry.
You guys really did the best you could for him, and gave him such a great life, and he had the best time he could have had, travelling all over with you.
He really did hang in there for as long as he could knowing that you guys loved him so much.
I am deeply sorry and feel your hurt and pain.
Hes in a better place now and free of pain, gone to meet Rody and all our other furry angels who were all here for a reason.

Thank you for all your love and prayers and ours are with you in this sad time.
May all of u experience God's powerful presence over u at this time.

All our love
Jamie Gerry and the girls

Jennifer said...

Jennifer, I am so very sorry to hear about Happy. I know that it is very difficult to bear.
I hope this link will be helpful to you and your family (it was for me):

Best Regards,

P.S. Penny and Carol both sent me this poem. It is beautiful and comforting to read.

Jennifer said...

I was thinking of you and the loss of your pet.

I know how sad you and your family are.
I came across something I have had for many years.
I hope this will help some.
Guess I should say my name is Suzanne Coots and I receive your low carb e-mail.
Here goes...I am going to attach this little poem..If you cannot open this, let me know and I will type it in e-mail to you


P.S. The poem is the Rainbow Bridge.