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Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Started on Induction

After being on the carb wagon for a substantial period of time, can there be anything more difficult than getting back to induction eating at 20 grams of carbohydrate? Those first few days are hell as the carb cravings will still be in place, and sometimes one feels like one has been run over by a truck (fondly or not so fondly referred to as induction flu'). Then all of a sudden that status quo changes and one has a burst of wonderful energy and a feeling of well-being. That is when dynamic weight loss has kicked in. Refrain from weighing those first few days to a week. Stick with it by the book and you will be successful.

When restarting, it sometimes helps to remember it is probably not something you want to do, but something you have to do - either for you own health or to encourage your spouse or children in healthier eating. Also, remember, that little voice that says you will fail is a little voice that everyone hears - ignore it!

God bless you in your weight loss journey! :-)



Becki said...

I just started induction again after a month of eating carbs. This is my third day and I couldn't figure out why I'm feeling so bad. Thanks for the reminder - I had forgotten about it!!

Jennifer said...

Becki - hi and welcome to my blog home! I hope you'll enjoy my posts about induction. If you feel really bad, maybe add in some carbs - like a few strawberries. That was Dr. Atkin's advice in his book - to add a few more carbs, if the induction flu' is really bad, but if not, then just tough it out. It gets better. Make sure you're getting all your vitamins.