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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

About the Recipes on My Blog

Many of the recipes are new, but quite a few are from my 5 low-carb cookbooks. I'm providing photos whenever possible, so that you can see the photo and the recipe. I hope you will have fun finding some of the recipes from my books here and the photo to go with it. I have photos on the front and back of my cookbooks and some on my website at My recipe links are up to date and just a click away. Enjoy! :-)

I love low-carbing and hope you will catch on to my enthusiasm for this way of life.

Stay happy and healthy!



ethyl d said...

Any chance you might someday do a revised edition of one cookbook with all the recipes? I have a hard time remembering which book I got a recipe from and have to look through the indexes of all five. I've even thought of creating an Excel spreadsheet of all the recipes, the book they're from, and the page they're on. But that would be rather time-consuming, so I've not done it.

Jennifer said...

Hi Ethyl - I'm not sure I'll be doing that as I'm basically retired, but I understand your frustration. Why don't you write me here in a comment and ask me or email me anytime - I'll be happy to tell you which book a recipe is in. Feel free! Another idea is to put little yellow stickies on the pages that you use. They could stick out of the books and you could just refer to your stickies real quick. The stickies won't hurt your cookbook either. Do you know what I mean?

It's good to hear that you are finding the cookbooks useful. Thanks - you made my day! (((HUGS)))