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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Carolyn speaking: "I was experimenting to make a cheaper version of CC (Calorie/Carb Countdown) milk and I do think it is pretty darn good. Of course, you can double/triple, etc. the recipe. But it's pretty cheap to make." The full thread at low-carb friends is here. People love this recipe. Well done, Carolyn, and thanks for letting me share it here! Your many wonderful culinary contributions over the years in the low-carb community makes you a valuable asset to all of us low-carbers.

Homemade Low Carb Milk

One cup:

1-2 Tbs. of heavy cream (depending on how creamy you want it)
1 1/3 Tbs. of instant dry milk
1 cup of cold water
sprinkle of salt
tiny sprinkle of splenda (if you want)

Just put the ingredients in and shake it up. Refrigerate.

Calories 65 if 1 Tbs. of cream is used, 110 if 2 Tbs. of cream is used
5 grams of fat / 10 grams of fat
3 carbs / 3 carbs
2 grams of protein / 2 grams of protein


DAR said...

Thanks for posting this, Jen! I've thought about trying to do this myself, but there's no sense in reinventing the wheel!

I use Hood "milk" frequently in my recipes and this will be great for those who don't have or have lost access to it as well as those of us trying to save money. Thanks for sharing it!

Jennifer said...

You're welcome, Dar. Thanks for commenting. Have a super day!

Anonymous said...

I know it's not necessarily "milk" but Blue Diamond makes a great low carb/low GI almond milk..

Jennifer said...

Sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Lucy said...

I LOVE the hood milk - but it can be pretty expensive (I stick w/ S.Free Almond Milk), but this recipe - I've got to try! I'm writing instant dry milk on my groc list right now!


Jennifer said...

Its such a nice easy recipe too. Great - now you can make some of my chocolate recipes for your hubby - armed with your instant dry milk powder. You know you can get the whole milk powder in the Mexican section, I think it is of Walmart. Costco also has it. I forget where else,but wherever I use whole milk powder on this blog, I usually mention where to source it.