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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Reason to Eschew the Common Potato?

Health problems with the Potato? Although, I'm unlikely to skip eating potatoes forever and a day, this is good reason to limit eating those baked potatoes and potato fries.


Margaret said...

Hi Jen,
You have been busy researching and writing. . . almost faster than I can read! Good news! My order from Netrition arrived this week exactly as ordered, in the regular mail, no customs concerns at all! This morning, I used my coconut oil, Carbalose flour, and all the other necessary ingredients and made some breakfast toast. It has quite a different taste. I think my flax meal is a bit too strong, and maybe rather old. But, we did enjoy our eggs in a new way today! One thing, though, is the realization that we were actually eating three eggs rather than two! This left us feeling very full! Which is good, right? Should be good for the rest of the day! I also bought some erythritol, and my next project might be those yummy brownies. . . though we really should be doing "induction". Just a one-time treat, maybe!

Hope you are all enjoying life and not working too hard.

Love ya, Margaret

Jennifer said...

Hi Margaret,

So happy you had no troubles ordering from Netrition and getting it safely to your home. Cool. There are several versions of the one minute bread, next minute toast. Carolyn and Christina both used recipes that only required 1 tsp flax meal. I think the flax meal can go bad (rancid) if left on the shelf. It needs to be kept frozen. Golden flax meal (check the health food store) is much milder-tasting. However, you are right - it is not quite the same as regular toast. It sure helps to have something though and Ian was losing nicely when he was having it. The eggs are great and how many you have are not an issue. It will certainly help with hunger. Be careful of the microwave brownies - a) they're not as good as the next ones I posted and
b) if you have the wrong coconut flour, they could be less than perfect - if the batter is very thick - add another egg at the very least.

We're still too busy, but other than that trying to find time to smell the flowers and watch the birds. I guess we can hardly call ourselves "retired" yet - same as you guys!

Nice to hear from you and love it that you find time to comment over here! :-)

Vikki said...

Hey Girl,
So if I decide that the carbs won't kill me then I have my choice of carcinogens if cooking, salmonella if I gently cooking them or botulism from raw potatoes. Seems like a very good reason to avoid them no matter what...giggle But darn I do love a good baked sweet tater ever now and again.

I'm trying to catch up. Mom's in rehab so life is crazy. She has the streph bacteria growing in her blood so she has to have 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and had to go in to a speciality hospital so they can give her her treatment every day. Can you imagine, it takes an hour and half everyday just to get the antibiotics.
Thanks for giving me so much to read and think about. Your the best!

Jennifer said...

LOL Vikki! You're funny! Baked sweet potato - similar to yams, I guess. My eldest son loves those.

Wow, strep bacteria - your poor mom must have caught that in the hospital in the first place. :-( It's so rough that she's been struggling so after her op. I'm sure it has not been easy for you or your sister either. (((Hugs))) Thanks for popping in and for the update. Will keep you guys in my prayers.