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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A toxic substance in white flour - could it cause Diabetes?

I was surfing and I found a very interesting post. Ellen kindly gave me permission to share it on my blog.

"I've been doing a little research on how the white flour used in processed food products is made.. found out some interesting facts.

During the manufacturing of white flour, millers use a form of chlorine gas to bleach and artificially “age” flour. The goal, of course, is a clean, white product. The chlorine gas reacts with the flour, oxidizing, whitening it and reducing the gluten.

But it also converts an dough additive called xanthine into a toxic substance called alloxan. The alloxan is an unintended byproduct.

So what is alloxan? Alloxan is a toxin which destroys pancreatic islet cells, resulting in diabetes. In fact, Alloxin is specifically used in research labs to induce diabetes in rats and mice for study purposes.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the rates of diabetes in the US and around the world?

See this study abstract at pubmed: The mechanism of alloxan and streptozotocin action...[Physiol Res. 2001] - PubMed Result

Here’s an article on this subject: white flour contains diabetes-causing contaminant alloxan"

Ellen Check out this fascinating web site!


Margaret said...

Yikes! Who would have thought it? This info is unbelievable, and it explains so much! Thanks, Jen, for this "food for thought". We haven't had white flour in the house for five years, but I have been known to splurge away from home!! lol

We are struggling to get back to the low-carb WOL simply because we know from experience about all the good things it does for our diabetic blood sugars. All the blood tests were improved, actually. And best of all, we felt great and loved the increased energy.

Over the past year, we have given into temptation, but we are determined to lose the added pounds and get healthy again. I treasure your encouragement and your confidence in both of us!

Love, Margaret and the Taxman!

Jennifer said...

Hi Margaret! What fun to find your comment this morning on my blog. It gets sooo boring in here at times - no fun comments to reply to. lol

This information blew me away too. I still find it hard to believe. How can they do that to us - to people? It is criminal.

And we treasure your friendship too - you are like family! God bless you with the same drive and determination you had the first time you were so successful with low-carbing. Key is to keep the food interesting and yummy and have some back-up plan for events (even if it means bringing out a tupperware container with your own dessert in it - or even a mini Lindt (70% or 85% cocoa) chocolate bar in a pinch (not the best choice, but better than breaking down), or offering to bring the dessert or another side dish if it is to be a meal at a friend's house.

The other thing is like you do - keep the tempting things out of the house.

Thanks for visiting and have a blessed weekend. (((HUGS)))