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Friday, March 27, 2009

Low-Carbing Brings Out the Food Chemist in People

Many people agree that men sometimes make the best chefs. I became aware of Kevin (Kevinpa) at who is a retired systems designer (coincidentally the same as my husband (Ian retired at the age of 43)) and who has created many incredible low-carb recipes, and people are thrilled with them, to say the very least. He is very unassuming and was not wanting any acclaim or praise, but I wanted to tell people about his recipes. He is a true food chemist in that he uses state of the art low-carb ingredients (most of which are available at to make a superb Cake and Cookie Mix (there will be 3 variations soon). I made his Biscuits and they were indeed delicious! My sons and husband enjoyed them as well and pronounced them, "Good!". It was fun working with Kevin's bake mix for a change. I do appreciate his hard work and talent. I always say that people need variety - not just one author or one cookbook - but a whole variety, because together we are so much stronger and more interesting than standing alone.

Find this talented chef's recipes here and here:


Margaret said...

Hi Jen, and thanks a bunch! How can we not succeed when folks like you and Kevin work so hard to provide such a variety of tasty dinners? I want to make those crackers, too. We really miss our soup and crackers! I just need to spend less time gallivanting and more time in the kitchen!!! I made two LC cheesecakes this morning for our dessert nite tomorrow!! Our diabetics will love me for it! Hope all is well,
Love, Margaret

mac24312 said...

Hi Jennifer
I agree..

Kevin and folks like you are what provide us wonderful LC recipe to help us losing and keep our pounds off GF!!!


Jennifer said...

Thanks my sweet friends - sorry for the delay in answering. I was running around being the hostess for a couple of days to some friends. :-)

Oooh, lucky peeps to have you baking for them, Margaret. :-) The crackers are sooo good (at least I think so) - they really fill that need to have something carby-tasting with my tea, but that isn't.

Jenny said...

Yes, I agree... I've made some of KevinPa's recipes and they are quite delicious; unfortunately, though, many if not most recipes call for Carbquick or other wheat-based ingredients, and I'm gluten-free. Pity he relies so much on wheat products for his recipes.

I wonder if he could be persuaded to lend his intellect to gluten-free products??

Jennifer said...

I'm not sure, Jenny. You could ask him. You could use my gluten-free bake mix (substitute for the oat flour if you can't have it with your own favorite gluten-free flour) in some of his recipes possibly. Certainly for most any of my recipes that require a bake mix (other than for breads that require high gluten), the gluten-free bake mix can be subbed. I will try to label recipes that I put on my blog as gluten-free when they are. :-)

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it.