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Sunday, March 8, 2009

How a low-carb Diet Works

How a Low-Carb Diet Works

I found this article on the internet, and it is apparently a page from Dr. Bernstein's famous book. How clearly he explains things! This is really a book worth having in one's own personal library, whether one is diabetic or not. It will explain things to those nay sayers in our lives, without us having to reinvent the wheel, kind of thing. Here is a link to Amazon for purchasing the book, which has low-carb recipes in it, and here is the link for his most famous Diabetes Solution book.

And here is the good doctor's story. Amazing! Here is the website with much more reading from his book - very interesting - Dr. Bernstein. There are testimonials, articles and even a diabetes forum!


Vikki said...

I'm a big fan of his, he's was the first Diabetic book I ever bought. Trying to help explain why this was the only way for mom to control her bgl. Not sure if she finished the book but I did. And she did adopt many of his methods, which did wonders for her readings and helped her dramatically lower her insulin use.

Have a lovely evening,

Jennifer said...

That's fantastic, Vikki. He is an amazing man and doctor for that matter.