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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Low-Carb Bake Mixes Revisited

This Low-Carb Bake Mix Information is worthy of a revisit, I think. Also this one: Flour, flour, flour - what to use instead in our baking.

Needing to introduce more fiber into your diet?: Some Bake Mix with Fiber Compositions.

See the container in the photo above? That is what I use to keep my bake mixes in. Not only is it airtight and keeps the bake mix fresh at room temperature for several months (for longer storage yet - freeze), it is also a useful container for combining the bake mix ingredients very well - simply replace lid and shake container vigorously for a minute or so. It is much more efficient than simply stirring the bake mix ingredients together.


Vikki said...

I love my Lock N Lock containers. I have 3 lined up in my freezer, 1 with ground almonds, one with ground flax seeds and one with your bake mix. They keep perfectly. While I know your bake mix will keep in my pantry just fine, I keep it in the freezer because the nut "flours" need to be kept frozen and this keeps them all together.

BTW, how you doing girl. I've been so busy, I've been running round like a chicken with her head cut off. I hope your doing well.

Take care of yourself and my God bless your life richly!

Jennifer said...

Vikki! How lovely to see you here again. I was getting Vikki withdrawals, I think. (wink)

I know, I know they say to freeze nut flours, however, I've not had a problem with mine (mixed in with the other bake mix ingredients) going rancid, and even now in this humid climate, it keeps well at room temperature - as long as the container is air tight. All my other regular flours I have to freeze, as little "bugs" hatch. Eeew, can you imagine - there must be eggs of insects in flours. I've thrown some white flour and w/w flour away.

I've also been run ragged this end. We are supposed to be "retired", but it seems we have never been busier. Still, I'd rather have that than be bored. I have so many interests, so that is not really a danger. Problem is I'm not getting to do everything as well as I would like. I'm trying to look for ways to better balance my life and the things I like to do and/or need to do.

I hope you still find some things that are interesting on my blog, especially now that your eating is going more moderate again. Hopefully, you will still remain mostly low-carb. Trouble with eating carbs is the insulin levels are kept higher, but if you eat dinner within an hour (say, like Carb Addicts Diet (see link on my blog under websites), you can pretty much eat anything and keep the insulin within reason) and then keep your other meals more low-carb, as in use your flax bread, eggs, tuna, that kind of thing. What do you think? That would be very doable. It still requires a ton of discipline though, because I find when I allow myself higher "carbs", I soon lose my focus and discipline. I tried CALP once or twice and it did work for me, but I fell off the wagon a lot. However, you have better discipline than I do by far, I think.

Visit from time to time and let me know how you're doing - I'll go and visit you too. God bless your life richly too. Ditto! :-)

Vikki said...

I know I'm so so behind on my blog reading I'm not sure I'll every catch up, but never fear I'm not giving them up. NO way no how!

It's only be a few days but I've been able to stretch meals and still keep them fairly low carb. I'm trying to pattern our plan after South Beach, using the glycemic Load charts. And keeping the whole wheat pasta's, converted rice and beans small and mixed in with other foods. I made a casserole this week with my taco meat, 2 oz (uncooked) of pasta, broccoli, and cheese. It's amazing how much less ground meat I needed and only 2 oz of pasta for 4 servings isn't too bad.

I saved back half of the meat for with out the pasta to make tostada for another night. So I'll get 8 servings out of a pound and a half of ground chuck I bought on sale for $1.65 a lbs. See I'm learning...giggle

Don't worry you can't get rid of me, you just provide way too much good informations and wonderful recipes for me to quit reading.

Take care and remember to find a little joy in each and every day.

Jennifer said...

Vikki, have you thought of making your blog - "moderate low-carbing on a budget" I would bet many people would be interested in that and in any recipes you dream up - as you're so good at doing.

What profound advice: "Remember to find a little joy in each and every day." This is so true. Life is too short not to do that. :-)

Here is another profound thought: "Take time to connect with those you love."

Ranaesheart said...

Jennifer - You must have been reading my mind as I was just what to use in my baking. You are such a wealth of knowledge while I began making lower carb selections in my dieting some time ago, I've not learned the finer arts of cooking to include some of my favorites .. only in a low carb way. Thanks sooo much for sharing your wisdom with those of us that are exploring and learning! ((Hugs)) Ranae

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Ranae, for sharing that these bake mix ideas are going to help you with your lower carb baking.

When I first began writing my low-carb cookbooks, I wanted to replace all our old favorites, not only in cooking but also in baking. Low-carb baking requires a learning curve as you mentioned. I did some praying regularly for I was only a beginner low-carber then (1999) and there were no other low-carb cookbooks with baking and breads, serious desserts, etc. that I was aware of at the time for me to learn from. Splendid Low-Carbing was a substantial book (produced and self-published not without struggle and tears even), which quickly became a best seller much to my surprise.

It is so nice to hear that people are being helped by my recipes.

I feel you help others too with your writing. You have shown such amazing strength, wisdom and courage in your weight loss journey, and now you're passing on those secrets to others. Even when you stumble, we learn from how you pick yourself up and invariably find that path of success once again. That's important too, because who amongst us has not stumbled...What's more you are soft-spoken and sweet - making your success even more of an enigma to some people, I'm sure. I love reading your blog!

Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments. :-)

Vikki said...

Don't know if you've had time to check it out, but I've changed the name of both my blogs and added that they are low to moderate carb on a budget....giggle Trying to give both ways to go on recipes. Budget friendly moderate carb and low carb alternatives.
Thanks as always,

Jennifer said...

Hi Vikki,

Good for you! I will check it out as soon as time permits and perhaps give a shout from my blog about the change. :-)

God bless.