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Monday, February 16, 2009

Low-carb Breakfast Alternatives

This is a question many low-carbers have, as after a while some people get sick of eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast every morning.

Here is a thread at that has many wonderful ideas for breakfast.

On my blog, check out waffles, crepes, drop scones, coconut cheese scones, and chocolate-in-the-middle one minute muffins. Variety is the spice of life. Boredom has derailed many a person from their low-carb diet.


Vikki said...

I had a lovely cup of yogurt this morning that I had drained over night, then add a tbsp. spoon or so of heavy cream, a few drops of sweetener and a several drops of "Graham Cracker" Capella drops. Man was it rich and creamy. I loved it. Next time I'll chop up a couple frozen strawberries!

But I never seem to get tired of eggs. There is just too many different ways to make them. And of course I eat flax bread pretty often too. Now I just have to find time to try your drop scones. Boy do those look yummy!

Jennifer said...

What are Graham Cracker Capella drops? lol I've never heard of that.
Your breakfast treat sounds yummy! I have yogurt every single day and it is my most favorite thing in the world to eat. I add some Splenda Granular to plain yogurt and then stir in some chopped California Walnuts for crunch - yum! Sometimes I add some chopped frozen strawberries or a few slices of banana as well as the nuts.

Those drop scones are incredible. You must try them. They really keep one on track, as they are filling and satisfying - stops me from wanting to eat too much in a particular day.

Vikki said...

Capella drops are flavor drops originally created for coffee, rather like DaVinci syrups were. These are not sweet, but they come in dozens of flavors. I just happened to have choicen the Graham Cracker flavor this morning. Here's the web address Unfortunately we can't leave links in comments.

I like to strain my yogurt because I like it thick, so I put it in a strainer lined with a couple of paper towels and popped it back in the fridge. Then I added a couple tbsp. of cream to thin it just a little and added the drops. Some times I thin it with DaVinci's. Either way it's yummy. Adding just a drop or two of vanilla is my favorite I think out side adding a little lemon zest and juice. Tastes like lemon pie

Well best get off this computer and get some laundry done.
Have a good week, and find a little time for yourself, to do something you enjoy.

Jennifer said...

I also love my yogurt thick! It tastes so much better. I like a mild-tasting yogurt - not sour. This way when I have it with Splenda - it is like dessert! I sometimes add a tiny bit of lemon extract, but I have to watch acidity. I'm so allergic to too much vitamin C.

Thanks, Vikki. You have a good week too. Keeping your mom and you in my prayers.