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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do You Think Portion Sizes are a Problem Here?



Hmm, need I say more? Portion sizes in restaurants can be excessive, no doubt about it! Sometimes it makes sense, if possible, to eat half the meal and ask to take the rest home. When trying to lose weight, be mindful each day and with each meal or snack to keep portion sizes smaller.

This was tongue-in-cheek, because they are extreme examples. lol That sundae was consumed recently by my youngest son, Jonathan - sure he let everyone else have a taste, but it made all of us laugh as it was so ridiculous in size! He doesn't normally get sugar at home, so occasionally he splurges. At home he has actually been mindful of eating lower carb these days (he does not need to lose weight, but I guess I'm rubbing off on him). Interesting, since before now he has shown little interest in low-carbing. In fact, he mourned the loss of the desserts, etc. that I used to make with my very first traditional-style Splendid Desserts Splenda cookbooks.


ethyl d said...

The name of the dessert is interesting ("heart attack..."). Sadly most people think it's the fat in the dessert and not the sugar and wheat that makes it bad for the heart. It's also fostering a joking attitude among both restauranteurs and diners that who cares if it's killing people, as long as it tastes good and is fun to eat. And yes, restaurant portion sizes of most foods are obscene. But if restaurants did offer realistic portions, then (almost) everyone would complain about how skimpy the portions are.

Jennifer said...

You are so right, Ethyl d. It is also true that many, if not most, people would complain if portions were smaller. I know my husband would. I tend to eat as much as I think I should and either give the rest to someone else who has got room, or I take it home if there is quite a bit left over.