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Saturday, January 17, 2009


This firm, extra-special cheesecake only gets better as it ages.

Thank you for your interest in my recipes.  Find this incredible cheesecake in Low-Carbing Among Friends.


Sherrie said...

Looks very yummy!

I made a great cheesecake last month that you may like, I should get off my butt and blog it sometime. It's the first baked cheesecake that I have been able to make perfectly every time without fail.

You guys are so lucky being able to get maple extract, we can't get it here *sigh*

Jennifer said...

Sherrie, hi there! I'd like you to share your cheesecake recipe. That would be great!

That is real odd - surely somebody will import maple extract into Australia one of these days.

Vikki said...

Butter in cheese cake? hmm never even heard of that. What does it do to the end product, do you know? And I never thought to add an egg yoke to the crust, but it makes since, bet it hold together better than mine.
Hope all is well with you. Haven't talked to you in ages.

Jennifer said...

Butter is simply solidified cream, so what it does in the cheesecake versus using whipping cream,is give the cheesecake a more solid/firm texture when chilled. You can leave the butter out if calories are a concern.

Truth be known, I have not used that crust in a while, but used the alternate crust this time.

Thanks for visiting. I've been so busy, Vikki, with my company. We're having a wonderful time. I will miss them when they go back to Canada on Saturday. We had more company yesterday and then today again, besides the company I already have. Busy time! I made a big supper, but declined to eat tonight, because my belt feels tight!! I hate that feeling...putting on weight. Back to induction on Saturday. I can't wait to feel better.

Sherrie said...

Hey Jen I'll pop it up, about time I blogged something :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, Sherrie, I miss your posts. You have a very nice blog and I went reading there sometime ago and found the pics of you and your little girl, plus some incredible recipes!

Sherrie said...

Thanks Jen :) I find it hard sometimes thinking of what to blog and what to post on the forum, sometimes I feel like I am just posting what I have posted on the forum.

I put the recipe up, give it a try :)

Jennifer said...

Will check it out soon. Family calling me to watch a Hogan's Heroes episode.