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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Miracle of Turmeric Spice

Many people have not heard of turmeric, but it is an ingredient in most curry powders, however, not usually in great amounts. It is a good idea to add extra turmeric to curry dishes.

I was reading in Dr. Jonny Bowden's free e-book about turmeric being a powerful anti-inflammatory and, believe me, as we get older most of us could use that. I googled it and found a great article about its multitude of health benefits besides impressive anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric Spice at I don't necessarily agree with everything written on that site, but this article on turmeric is great. It also gives several great ideas on how to use the spice, plus a recipe for cauliflower and turmeric.

Jennifer Eloff


Ranaesheart said...

Wow! Gonig to check on this article! Thanks for keeping us informed!

Jennifer said...

You're welcome. :-) Thanks for stopping by.

Nicky said...

Jennifer, I've read that black pepper and turmeric are a better combo than turmeric alone; the black pepper potentiates it somehow.

Jennifer said...

That is very interesting, Nicky. Thanks for sharing that. :-)