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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm like a dog with a bone lately.... can't seem to let it go!

I felt it necessary to moderate the last post on caffeine and coffee where a study suggested drinking more than 4 cups of coffee a day is beneficial. Anyway, women in particular, should be careful of drinking more than 4 cups of coffee or caffeinated drinks a day as there could be a possible link to breast cancer, but it is not very clear from the studies. Read more about it here: Caffeine-Breast Cancer Link Refuted Although, it says it is refuted, upon reading the material, I realized there are women at greater risk (those with benign breast disease) and really it doesn't sound too clear cut to me one way or the other. Moderation is probably key, as with many things in life.


Vikki said...

I knew caffeine had been linked to mammary cysts, how ever I didn't know it has been linked to breast cancer. I have an aunt on both sides of my family that had breast cancer. My mom's sister is a 6 year survivor, my father's sister died from breast cancer nearly 15 years ago.

My mom has had a few scares but thankfully God has spared her. It's something I keep a close watch on and try to learn all I can about.

I really appreciate all the information you share on this subject. It's very near and dear to my heart ( yes pun intended no matter how bad :oP )

Jennifer said...

Like, you, Vikki, I also only knew about the mammary cysts - this was news to me as well. I wonder if it is something in the coffee other than the caffeine. I have not heard this connection with tea. Have you?