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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plastics - a danger to our health?

I've known for a while and have avoided heating food in plastic containers in the microwave oven. Apparently molecules of chemicals (BPA) from the plastic can leach into the food: Danger of Plastic Containers ( What I didn't realize is that acidic foods like tomato paste and liquid foods can also cause this leaching from plastics without any heating having taken place. I think I've done this kind of thing all my adult life. I suppose now I need to slowly start switching to glass containers of some sort. I will need to find space in the kitchen for them. My Tupperware container drawer is a disaster zone (untidy and too small) and won't do for glass containers.


Priscilla said...

I've always had a thing about plastic. I love my vintage pyrex fridge containers for storing food, and it reheats well.

There are some new pyrex pieces with lids that I've seen around. Not good for traveling but great for leftovers.

Jennifer said...

I have pyrex containers too (not a lot), but have always preferentially used plastic to store leftovers. It's too bad we always find out about these things so many, many years later, after the damage has probably been done. Reminds me of margarine...