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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

5 Super Foods To Help One Lose Weight?

In the news today, I read about these 5 foods that are supposed to help one achieve one's healthy body weight. Super Foods?

I read through the foods and made some comments for the benefit of us low-carbers.

1. Millet (this is a grain and is high carb) - Although a whole grain, it is hugely carby - even more so than white flour.

2. Asparagus - this is a good one for us.

3. Pomegranates - At 25 g of carbs - a bit too carby, unless we eat half at a time, but even then for some folks that will be too much. An ancient fruit, pomegranates were cultivated in Egypt before the time of Moses. They are about the size of a large apple and have a hard reddish rind. Inside are hundreds of scarlet seeds or pips encased in a white membrane. One needs to remove those as they are inedible and eating those could lead to an appendix attack.

4. Pine Nuts - pretty good at about 12 g net carbohydrate per cup. They are really edible seeds.

5. Green Tea - most people can enjoy this in moderation. People with hypothyroidism should avoid green tea due to the fluoride content.

Not in this article, but I read that drinking coffee and caffeine all day long can stimulate the appetite and cause emotional overeating. Caffeine is so addictive that it is not difficult to fall into this trap - especially if one is very busy and needing a constant pick-me-up to simply get through the day.


Former Donut Junkie said...

Jennifer, I go for the asparagus once in a great while. Ever tried it wrapped in bacon and grilled!

Coffee is probably one of the most debated beverages/foods on the planet and one can read myriads of studies that show it to be either beneficial or detrimental. It's just kinda' one of those pick your side debates. I do drink it almost every morning.

Jennifer said...

Hi Ron! I've not tried my asparagus that way. Sounds great! DH would approve - he seems to like bacon with everything! I also used canned asparagus here, because fresh asparagus is so prohibitively expensive. Asparagus has natural diuretic properties.

I don't think have a cup of coffee in the morning is a bad thing. I need my cup or two of tea first thing in the morning and I'm trying to limit caffeine during the rest of the day.

Vikki said...

Yep Pomegranates are pretty high in carbs, but this girl has to have at least one every fall. I would eat them everyday if they were available and not so carby, but gosh I love them.
I drink green tea mixed with black, they are both suppose to have excellent health benefits. But I like the flavor of the two combined.

Interesting thing about caffeine, I recently gave it up and gained 13lbs in water weight in 3 days. Started drinking caffeinated tea again and lost 12 of them in one day. I was so bloated I thought my kidneys had shut down. Even my water with vinegar wasn't helping. Guess my body must really like the caffeine, of course this is something I need to discuss with my doctor. But it freaked me out for sure.

Former Donut Junkie said...

Now Vikki that caffeine mystery is really strange. You just gave me reason #127 not to give up COFFEE! Coffee/caffeine has to be one of the most debated foods/beverages in low-carb. If you can do it and it don't hurt you, then more power to us! But for those who think it's bad, then I don't have a problem with that, so long as they don't try to make me quit drinking my coffee.

Jennifer said...

Good grief, Vikki! That is major league weird. Caffeine definitely is a diuretic, but to gain that much water weight in such a short time is strange for sure. Have you had your thyroid tests done? It's a good idea for everyone over age 30 to get tested, even if just for the baseline idea of what is normal for the individual.

Jennifer said...

Shhh, I've never ever eaten a pomegranate and I grew up in South Africa where they were plentiful. I think I've had the juice though. I'm curious. Next time I see one, I'll buy it out of curiosity.

Vikki said...

I have had my thyroid checked and it seems fine, well within normal levels. Other people have suggest that since my hair is falling out too, but that started several years ago. No one seems to know why either, but my mom's is too.
I'm not sure what's up with the caffeine and the water gain, but it's already written down to discuss with my dr. on my next visit. I don't want something serious sneaking up on me.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes doctors only go by TSH to see if a patient is okay. FT3 and FT4 and a thyroid antibody test ( last one if those two are suspect) are more important than the TSH test. The TSH can be normal, but the others can be out of whack. My husband discovered recently that he was hypothyroid by doing those tests. Despite that, the doctor missed it! :-(

Vikki said...

Hey Ron,
I agree with you 100%. Each of us react differently to different things. Apparently caffeine and I go well together. While diet cokes and I soo don't. I know people that can survive on them with no problems what so ever. The just make me crave sugar. So my caffeine needs to come in the form of tea and chocolate. :o) I can sure live with that. And Jennifer gives me great ways to get my chocolate.
Jennifer, I think I had all the test ran last year, but it's just about time to have everything run again. I have such a strong family history of diabetes I make sure I have it all checked at as often as insurance will pay for the test. Btw my mom's numbers as absolutely great lately and she's cut her insulin intake by about half. Yesterday she only went over 100 once and that was like 110 maybe. The only problem she does have is going hypo a little too often, nothing serious, but she's having a little trouble guagine the amount of insulin she does need. But I have faith in her, she'll get it right.
Thanks again for the great advice. I need all I can get :o)

Jennifer said...

It's not so much advice as concern. Some doctors know so little about thyroid or reading thyroid results correctly. It is really my life experience talking. I was sent packing from the doctor's office, when I was clearly not well. My thyroid story is on this blog.

It sounds like you know what to look for in the tests and that's good. We need to be proactive in our own health these days and the internet makes that infinitely more possible.

My stimulants of choice are also tea and sometimes chocolate. I'm really trying to cut down on caffeine lately, so I'm substituting Rooibos tea during the rest of the day. It is a herbal tea that is great with milk or cream and Splenda. Rooibos is an Afrikaans (similar to Dutch) name for Red Bush tea. It is a healthy tea with some great minerals in it.

I do need at least one cup of black tea in the morning, so I totally understand people like Ron that say they need their tea or coffee. It has even been suggested that both of these "vices" are actually healthy for one. Go figure! I'm only concerned that during the rest of the day I may be spiking my insulin a little and creating more stress hormones than I need.

I agree about the diet coke. It definitely spikes insulin and cravings in me as well and is enormously addictive.

That's wonderful that your mom's diabetes is not as bad now. She must be low-carbing along with you.

Former Donut Junkie said...

Jennifer, interesting comment on the Rooibos Tea since I discovered a sample bag I had last night and had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Red. I really liked it. However, as always I have a few questions.

What is the preferred brand of Rooibos? Where's the best place to buy it? This might even make a good blog topic for you, in order to enlighten all us inquiring minds!

Jennifer said...

Ron, I'm no tea expert, even when it comes to Rooibos tea. I asked my husband to buy tons in South Africa on his last trip to visit his mom and dad (a retired medical doctor) in Cape Town. Many years ago, when I was growing up, there were no flavored Rooibos teas. Now there are many different flavors. I did find one site that sells several and they will include a free Canister with a $20 purchase of teas:

I have the tea bags, but that looks like loose leaf tea - even better!

Hmm, maybe you are right. Maybe I should alert people to this great tea alternative in a blog post. :-) Thanks!

Former Donut Junkie said...

Jennifer, one thing I learned a long time ago is that you don't have to be an expert to do anything, well, except maybe brain surgery. Besides, someone once told me I was an expert plumber. I thought it was a compliment until I found out that an expert is simply a 'former spurt'.

So please add Rooibos to your blog idea list and share with us what you know. I promise not to call you an expert!