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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nitrates are actually good for us!

I found this post and I thought it to be so profound that I wanted to make a note of it here. I have always worried about nitrates and cancer and my guys who love processed meats. All that worrying for nothing it seems.....



Sherrie said...

Hey Jennifer :)

Thank you for that article, I have been at the same crossroads. The other week Garry found some nitrate free bacon (harder to find nitrate free processed meats here) which I have been looking everywhere for and took me down just last week to buy some. The first thing I did is look at the ingredients and no way was I buying it. For example it contained soy protein, why the heck does bacon contain soy protein? So last weekend after doing some reading I bought some home cured bacon (with nitrite/nitrates) from the butcher whom had given me their ingredient list for it earlier.

I have eating bacon etc less times then I can count on one hand for perhaps 2 years and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

It is amazing how much tastier it is when you haven't had it for so long!

Will I start eating hot dogs etc now? No way, simply because these aren't real foods imo. Not being a food snob ;) but they are full of all sorts of stuff, including soy. Real bacon and ham that's simply cured, sure thing as well as any real sausages where its just the meat with herbs etc added by a reputable butcher whom I trust.

Jennifer said...

Hi Sherrie!

LOL You sound like me.

I do like bacon as well, and I've eaten it despite the previous scare stories, but what a relief... My husband looooves bacon. Check out Mary Dan Eades' post on lard - they cook and fry in bacon fat which they keep in the refrigerator! That made me feel better as well.

I'm with you on the hot dogs. I won't eat them often, mainly because they are loaded with sodium and the next day my scale will tell me that I am up 2 lbs. My sons always tell me it is only water weight... It didn't occur to me that they would stick soy protein in the hot dogs or bacon for that matter. Wow! I do remember many years ago deliberately buying veggie dogs and burgers loaded with soy. If only I had known then what I know now with regard to the thyroid.

Sherrie said...

Jennifer next time you're in the supermarket go have a look through at the ingredients list for some of these products and be prepared to be shocked! Ham is a common one for soy, I always make sure to buy leg ham on the bone.

Do you guys watch Jamie Oliver over there?

On one of his episodes for School Dinners, Jamie showed what goes into things like chicken nuggets, it was truly gross. Also a long time ago one of my old school friends father use to work for a large poultry manufacturer and told us what the chicken mince is made of and that still prevents me from ever buying chicken mince!

Jennifer said...

I buy real ham too. I don't buy chicken nuggets or chicken mince either, thankfully. I can only imagine what goes into those from your description. Eeek! I haven't seen Jamie. I do buy regular ground beef, but the ground beef we get is almost like ground steak - it is very lean.

Sherrie, I'm really happy though that nitrates are not such a health hazard, because my guys like their hot dogs and bacon. Don't tell what is in the hot dogs - I've heard that that can be a problem too.