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Monday, June 23, 2008

Something really worth sharing!

Here is a brilliant excerpt from one of Dr.Eades' books, Protein Power LifePlan, page 51.

"If you want to lose weight you have to watch the calories - even on a low-carbohydrate diet - particularly if you’re a small person. Remember, low-carbohydrate intake means a lower insulin level; and a lower insulin level means that you can easily unload fat from your fat cells. But, if your body has no need to use any of the fat from your fat cells because it has more than enough fat to meet all its needs coming from your diet, it’s not going to go after your stored fat, and you won’t lose weight. To lose weight you’ve got to create an energy deficit.For the vast majority of people, simply following a low-carbohydrate diet will easily create enough of a caloric deficit to bring about a reasonable weight loss."

This is completely true for me. I am shortish at 5 foot 3 inches, peri-menopausal,and I have Hashimotos' Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism that can mimic insulin resistance).

Feel free to comment on this topic. It is very interesting to me.


Johanna Rothman said...

There's no question (to me!) about having to watch calories. I'm 5 feet tall and over 50.

I use your fat fast items to give me good food that is low in calories, high in fat (for satiety) and taste good. Thought you'd want to know.

Jennifer said...

Hi Johanna,

Thank you so much for writing to me. Nice of you! It is wonderful to have that positive feedback to be honest. Warm, fuzzy feeling...:-)

Don't you find though that the fast fast items in More Splendid Low-Carbing can add up very fast in calories? When I was fat fasting I could not go over 1,000 calories or I would actually start to gain weight. Weird. I know other people can do it and stay at 1,200 calories. Still, it is only a diet that is meant for people who have great difficulty in losing weight on any diet. If I stayed at 1,000 calories strictly, I was guaranteed a weekly 2 lb loss if I did it for 4 days a week. It sounds like you're simply using the items to augment your diet to increase the fat content for satiety. That works!