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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Peanut Butter Cups

Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and may your New Year dreams come true!

Here is a recipe from Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Volume 2. There is a taste explosion when one bites into one of these substantial treats! They look really attractive as well.

Peanut Butter Cups

1.5 oz cocoa butter
1 oz unsweetened chocolate
1/4 cup peanut butter, softened
1/4 cup butter, melted
2 tbsp whole or skim milk powder
1 tbsp whipping cream
10 Splenda packets (Splenda Granular will not be sweet enough!)

In cereal bowl, microwave cocoa butter and chocolate on high power 2 minutes. Stir cocoa butter until it melts. If necessary, nuke in microwave oven 30 to 60 seconds more, however, be careful of overheating chocolate, or it could seize and taste really bitter as a result. In another cereal bowl, soften peanut butter 30 seconds on high power in microwave oven. Stir peanut butter, butter, whole or skim milk powder, whipping cream and Splenda into chocolate mixture. Pour into small milk jug.

Carefully pour and half fill 10 medium paper baking cups placed on two dinner plates or a cookie sheet. Keep them in the freezer. Remove paper to serve.

Nutritional Analysis: 10 servings
1 serving: 139 calories, 2.2 g protein, 13.7 g fat, 3.0 g carbs

Variation: Almond Butter Cups: Use almond butter instead of peanut butter (3.1 g carbs)

Helpful Hints: I used finely ground whole milk powder. Carnation skim milk powder will be fine, but really coarse skim milk powder may have to be blended finely first for best results.


Rose Garden said...

Jennifer, I'm so glad to see you're doing a blog. (I was just doing some research before I recommended your bake mix on Dr. Bernstein's diabetes forum, and ended up on your sales site. Noticed a new item, your health blog!) Welcome (belatedly) to the blogging world.
We corresponded a bit a couple of years ago.

Jennifer said...

Rose, how lovely to hear from you again! Thank you for recommending my bake mix and hopefully my cookbooks, however, please be careful about handing out the actual recipe. I discovered that when we had an online magazine, people loved the free recipes, especially my bake mixes, but that really cut into my sales big time.

I am really tickled pink though that you recommended my bake mix. Thanks again! Keep in touch and feel free to email me. :-)

Rose Garden said...

I didn't and I won't, Jennifer. We can't use Splenda for sweetening, so I'm still experimenting with recipes.